20 Images Of Kaley Cuoco That’ll Make Johnny Galecki Lose Sleep

Is it any surprise that the entire world is obsessed with Kaley Cuoco? She is witty and funny, and she is stunning in every way. Even though Kaley’s famous on-screen character Penny marries her co-star Johnny Galecki (Leonard), we know that the two were never meant to be in real life. Is this a bummer for Big Bang Theory fans? Maybe. However, according to sources, many fans believe Penny was always too good for Leonard. This may be true, but it did not prevent Kaley Cuoco from falling in love with her co-star Johnny in 2007 and dating him for about two years until 2009.

20. With One Of Her Exes

19. Elegant Black Dress

18. Charmed

17. She Doesn’t Even Need To Try

16. Lip Sync Battle

15. Are Those Pyjamas?

14. Looking Cozy With Ryan

13. Kaley In Yoga Pants

12. Little Black Dress

11. With Superman

10. Jean Shorts

9. Yoga Attire

8. Behind The Scenes

7. Look Away, Johnny

6. Posing For The Camera

5. Marilyn Monroe Vibes

4. With Sheldon

3. Post Workout

2. With Her Real Husband

1. Happily Married