How I Met Your Father Introduced First Catchphrase, just Like Barney’s!

Following in the footsteps of HIMYM’s Easter eggs and in-universe comparisons. HIMYF episode 4 introduces the show’s first catchphrase, which is reminiscent of Barney Stinson’s. The catchphrase from How I Met Your Father is one of many from the first season’s original series. Sid and Jesse share Ted and Marshall’s iconic HIMYM apartment, which is the most significant link. From Glen McKenna scotch to adapting the “have you met Ted” pickup line.

The many catchphrases of Barney Stinson were one of How I Met Your Mother’s best running gags (Neil Patrick Harris). From “Suit Up” to “legendary” and “wait for it” – or, better yet, “legen-wait for it-dary.” Barney’s repeated phrases were as famous as his constant womanising. Marshall would frequently say “lawyerered,” and Lily’s angry phrase was “you sonuvab*tch.” Robin yelled her coworker’s name Patrice angrily, and Ted boasted about being “vomit free since ’93.” (even if it was not true).

HIMYF, on the other hand, isn’t just copying one of HIMYM’s iconic catchphrases; instead, they’ve made their first repeated word a “trademark.” When one of the guys in How I Met Your Father’s main group has an odd made-up idea or name for something. One of them jokes about claiming it as their own by saying “trademark.” When Jesse and Ellen decide to be “wing-siblings.” Or each other’s sibling wingmen, Sid interrupts and says “trademark” to claim the term. Jesse and Sid get into another situation where one takes the other’s made-up idea just a few moments.

After Jesse and Ellen’s sibling phrase theft. Jesse yells “trademark” after Sid after bringing a keg into Sophie’s apartment.

Jesse and Sid’s “trademark” catchphrase is also interesting because it’s a group saying. Similar to HIMYM’s Robin and Ted’s military salute when words or phrases are preceded by titles. Like “major,” “private,” or “general.” The closest HIMYM got to the “trademark” gag was when Barney and Ted made up a fake bar called Puzzles. Which they wanted to claim because the name was so perplexing. The catchphrase from How I Met Your Father is also reminiscent of Barney’s “one rule” phrase from HIMYM. In which he would repeatedly make up ridiculous rules to keep the show going.

Outside of catchphrases, How I Met Your Father is starting its own running gags, similar to How I Met Your Mother’s. Valentina has previously worn a number of t-shirts featuring famous female singers from the 1990s. Implying that a HIMYM Robin Sparkles tee may be forthcoming. It will be fascinating to see which catchphrase succeeds Barney’s famous “wait for it.” As the characters of HIMYF grow into a more cohesive group with numerous recurring in-jokes like those of How I Met Your Mother.

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