10 Images Of Seth Rollins Like You’ve Never Seen Him

10 Images Of Seth Rollins Like You've Never Seen Him

Seth Rollins has progressed through the wrestling industry to become one of the biggest stars in the business, transitioning from an independent star to a significant player within WWE. Rollins has amassed many fans eager to learn more about him as a performer.

10. A Fan of Video Games

When it comes to his ring persona, Seth Rollins is often severe & focused. It’s something fans have come to expect from him, but it’s not how he is in real life. He enjoys having fun, just like everyone else, and video games are often a part of that for him, as he is doing in this photograph.

9. Dedicated Friend

Every wrestler has other skills that they are more adept at than others. They travel with us and enjoy hanging out outside of the ring. For Seth Rollins, Cesaro, which many fans may not be aware of. In real life, the WrestleMania 37 opponents are good friends.

8. Coffee Addiction

One of the reasons Seth Rollins and Cesaro are such close friends is their shared love of coffee. It is a significant passion of Seth’s that many people are unaware of, and it is something that they both do before shows when they visit new places, looking for great places to grab a cup.

7. Putting In The Time

Seth Rollins is one of the top wrestlers in the world, but to get there, a wrestler must put in a lot of work away from the fans. Being in shape to compete inside the ring and look physically impressive is something they must do, and Seth has no problem working hard to achieve this goal.

6. He’s Having Fun With His Real Partner

Seth Rollins is married to Becky Lynch, which is no secret. They are happily focused on each other and even have a child together. They are, however, entirely private in real life, and fans don’t get to see much of them as a couple.

5. Hunter is a proud papa.

Seth Rollins was one of the first major stars to emerge from NXT, and Triple H immediately backed him. Since then, The Game has remained one of his most ardent supporters, always rooting for him and pushing Seth. Their relationship has been depicted on screen in terms of mentorship and rivalry, which works well for them.

4. Taking In The Situation

When fans see Seth Rollins, they expect him to be all business, at the moment, & ready to compete. As a result, catching him before a show, taking everything in, and relaxing quietly at the side of the ring is an intriguing moment. It’s a rare opportunity to see Rollins and the wrestling industry in general.

3. Red Carpet Ready

Nowadays, wrestlers are given more enormous opportunities away from the business, including attending other events. With Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch hitting the red carpet for one of John Cena’s latest movie projects, that was happening here. This type of moment is something a lot of fans do miss.

2. Hugging The Tribal Chief

Seth Rollins has a good connection with Roman Reigns in real life due to their years working together. However, both of them are shown as solid characters on WWE’s television product, especially with the gimmicks they have right now. They are rarely overly emotional.

1. Discussing Tactics

The Shield is one of the most significant factions in WWE history, and they have created many incredible matches and moments together. The three men shared a great bond, doing everything it took to ensure that they would become big names within the industry, which they did.

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