A HIMYM Party Tradition Was Missed by How I Met Your Father

Although How I Met Your Father has a penchant for introducing HIMYM connections. The spinoff squandered a chance to continue a party tradition from the original series. Along with recasting Sophie and Jesse as Robin and Ted’s love interests. Recasting Drew as Victoria and recasting Jesse and Ellen as Barney and James’ siblings. How I Met Your Father has maintained another HIMYM dynamic for its main characters: they love parties. In only the first four episodes of HIMYF. The characters throw two large parties and visit a nightclub with a confusing name.

The parties, holidays, and other celebrations featured in the How I Met Your Mother series were notable. For bringing together the characters and a slew of new acquaintances. Ted threw 3 different parties at the apartment in an attempt to see Robin in just the second episode of HIMYM season 1.

The first major link between HIMYM and HIMYF was revealed in episode 1 of the spinoff series. When Jesse and Sid moved into Ted and Marshall’s old apartment. Given that this particular apartment hosted the majority of HIMYM’s parties. Although Sophie’s party included a rooftop scene in which she and Drew escaped the chaos of the party.

It was only the 2 of them, and the scene took place at Sophie’s building rather than Ted’s.

Sophie’s date Drew (Josh Peck), like many How I Met Your Father viewers. Wonders why they didn’t throw her 30th birthday party on the roof instead of in their cramped apartment. But it falls short of continuing How I Met Your Mother’s iconic party tradition. Because Sid and Jesse’s apartment is much larger than Sophie and Valentina’s. Hosting it there would have made a lot more sense. Allowing for a dual apartment-rooftop party in the style of Ted and Marshall.

HIMYF is also missing out on the opportunity to attend the same building-wide parties that the gang would attend by not using HIMYM’s old apartment rooftop for parties. From season one to the series finale, Ted and Marshall’s roof was the setting for some of HIMYM’s best moments, whether it was heartbreaking confessions, revelations, or parties, so it appears that if How I Met Your Father should keep one small tradition from the original series, as a recurring party location, the rooftop should be used.

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