Breaking Bad: 10 Hidden Facts About The Main Characters You Never Noticed

Breaking Bad: 10 Hidden Facts About The Main Characters You Never Noticed

Breaking Bad on AMC is now widely regarded as one of the best television shows of all time. Every character on the show is well-developed to the point where most viewers may overlook many minor details.

10. Sandwiches from Walter’s

Walter gradually gained the courage to murder the drug dealer throughout an episode. The dealer is known as Krazy-8 miraculously survived when Walt exposed the drug dealers to phosphine gas in episode one.

9. Jesse Rarely Refers to Women as “Bitches”

Jesse Pinkman’s signature catchphrase is “Bitch.” He uses this word so frequently that it has lost its meaning. With one notable exception, Jesse appears to be pretty indiscriminate in using the word.

8. Mike was always aware of Walt’s true nature.

Mike was always rude to Walter White from the beginning of their relationship. As a closer examination reveals, Mike isn’t like this to just anyone.

7. Walter Jr. was able to get his cereal.

Walter Jr. went on a rant about his breakfast cereal in episode seven of Breaking Bad’s second season.

6. Purple is Marie’s favorite color.

Throughout Breaking Bad, Marie Schrader struggles with kleptomania. Marie resorted to stealing whenever she was confronted with a crisis, neglect, or problems at home. Marie would go to great lengths to conceal her addiction by fabricating elaborate cover stories.

5. Hank was aware of information that Jack was unaware of.

Hank Schrader displayed a great deal of bravery in his final moments. He refused to beg for his life, knowing that the white supremacist leader Jack was only playing with Walter and would never let him live.

4. Walter’s Garments

Walter’s innocence deteriorates dramatically during the first two seasons of the show. He transforms from a pleasant chemistry teacher to a full-fledged meth cook. A few minor details reflect this shift in Walter’s personality. Walter’s clothing is one of the most subtle of these changes.

3. Gus had feelings for Max.

Gustavo’s partner in starting Los Pollos Hermanos, Max Arciniega, is tragically murdered in a flashback sequence. Gus had taken a particular interest in Max and had done everything he could to assist him in realizing his full potential. Gus became a sadistic monster after Max died.

2. Jesse adores kids.

Jesse is introduced as an unsympathetic loser & meth dealer in the first season, but as the show progresses, he becomes more complex. He is genuinely sorry for what he has done.

1. Walter White had a reputation for being a bad guy.

Even an ordinary, decent person like high school chemistry teacher Walter White could be turne into a monster, according to the premise of Breaking Bad. Walter was a monster from the start.

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