Brock Lesnar Is Wrong When He Says Young WWE Wrestlers Need To “Get Over”

Brock Lesnar Is Wrong When He Says Young WWE Wrestlers Need To "Get Over"

Brock Lesnar paid a visit to Pat McAfee’s show this week. The WWE superstar gave the most in-depth interview of his career to fans. He dug deep into his interests, background, and family life. McAfee also went over Lesnar’s career history and potential legacy. However, Brock Lesnar came across as highly ignorant during the interview. “With all these young kids,” Lesnar began, “someone needs to step up!” When McAfee asked what he meant, Brock elaborated. “‘Get over it,’ it means. Figure out how to put your f****** asses in seats, you know. ”

Can I Get Over It? Brock’s words are simple.

Brock Lesnar was pushed to the moon just a few months into his young career. He was paired with Paul Heyman, one of the best orators in the business. And, to top it all off, Brock Lesnar defeated The Rock to become WWE Champion on one of the company’s biggest PPVs at the age of twenty-five. Vince McMahon has bred a beast (in more ways than one).

The Roman Reigns’ Dichotomy

WWE has spent years attempting to push Roman Reigns to the top of the mountain. Reigns were booe out of the building for years. WWE fans were skeptical of Roman’s status as the “next big thing.” However, WWE persisted, and after several failed attempts, Roman finally won over the crowd… albeit as a heel.

Setbacks for Up-and-Coming Stars

In a recent interview, Mustafa Ali stated that he was initially slated to win the 2019 Money In The Bank ladder match, but plans change due to Brock Lesnar’s surprise return. Brock won the game, which marked the start of his fourteenth push in his twenty-year career. Despite fans’ admiration for Ali’s talent and in-ring prowess, he was eventually booked out of the ring. Ali is now at odds with the company, refusing to grant him his requested release.

How Do You “Get Over” WWE?

New wrestlers, smaller wrestlers, or new acquisitions can all get a boost. They only need to leave WWE. Bryan Danielson defied the odds in WWE, overcoming the company’s best efforts to keep him in the mid-card. Danielson has never looked better since joining AEW. Another example of WWE missing out on a major star is Jon Moxley.


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