10 Weirdest Fan Ships From Harry Potter

The Harry Potter movies have a huge following and, with it, a vast online fandom community as one of the most famous and effective franchises ever created. Shipping is fans’ pairing of two characters, usually romantically and outside of canon, in any fandom community.

Quirrell and Voldemort

This ship was undoubtedly inspired by the characters’ existing relationship in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, although the relationship was far from romantic. Voldemort attaches self to the bottom of Quarrel’s head, just one of Superman’s many offenses in Harry Potter, relying on upon over him to keep him alive.

James Potter/Severus Snape

Canonically, Severus Snap and James Potter’s relationship is rivalry and bullying. While it is true that Snap harbored feelings for Harry’s mother, Lily, some fans believe Snap held feelings for Harry’s father, James.

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy

Others prefer to ship Draco with Harry, while still others believe neither pairing makes sense.

Pansy Parkinson Hermione Granger

Like the ones mentioned above, this unusual ship is likely to exist for the same reasons as the others. Pansy Parkinson, a pure-blooded Slytherin, is one of Draco Malfoy’s friends. As a result, any interaction between the two witches would be hostile or unfriendly, setting the stage for a strange ship.

Moaning Myrtle x Draco Malfoy

While it isn’t one of the most famous ships in the fandom, nor is it the most renowned ship involving Draco. This odd pairing is surprisingly popular. It is noted that Myrtle assists Draco in his plot to get the Death Eaters into Hogwarts. Which is most likely based on a detail in the sixth book that did not make it into the finished release of Half-Blood Prince.

Centaurs X Dolores Umbridge

This is most likely the first of many crack ships, but it could also pass muster as a genuine ship.

Dementors vs. Dolores Umbridge

This is yet another mediocre ship centered on the plight of those above the most despised character. While the previous entry was a genuine ship, this one should not be taken seriously.

Socks for Dobby and Harry

Another strange but well-supported ship in the community is this pairing. Which stems from a genuine connection, even between a magical. Mythical creature and an inanimate piece of clothing.

Draco Malfoy’s Apple

Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton has acknowledged the existence of the “Grapple” ship on multiple occasions. Making it one of the strangest and most popular ships in the Harry Potter fandom. For those perplexed, this ship of the Slytherin antagonist and a literal apple was inspired by the movie trope of villains eating apples.

Giant Squid x Hogwarts

Not only is this one of the oldest ships in the Harry Potter fandom, but in any fandom community. For context, this pairing is between the giant squid that lives in the Great Lake on the Hogwarts grounds and the actual castle of Hogwarts.

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