Barney Stinson from HIMYM Should’ve Married Quinn

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas created the sitcom, which aired on CBS from 2005 to 2014. The show was widely praised for its inventive narrative structure and performances, particularly Neil Patrick Harris’ Emmy-nominated portrayal of Barney Stinson. Throughout How I Met Your Mother, Barney matured surprisingly, but he should have married Quinn instead of Robin.

Barney began the show like a Lothario who enlisted the help of increasingly elaborate schemes to seduce women.  Until he met Robin and fell in love with her (Cobie Smulders), although their first relationship didn’t last long, with the introduction of Quinn in HIMYM season 7, Barney became more open to the idea of love (Becki Newton).

Barney and Quinn appeared to be strong together for a time, and they were briefly engaged. However, HIMYM quickly shifted its focus to Barney and Robin, whose marriage ended in divorce. It’s a shame the show didn’t go deeper into Barney’s relationship with Quinn. As they were both manipulators with similar perspectives on life. On the other hand, Robin was never meant to be with Barney, And the two were incompatible, both fearing commitment.

Quinn was probably the only romantic partner in HIMYM who could respect Barney’s past while also putting him in his place. Quinn duped him into paying for expensive “dates” at The Lusty Leopard, and they were both equally devious. This incident played a significant role in their breakup, but her actions served as appropriate retribution for Barney’s heinous behavior toward women. They began on shaky ground but quickly understood and admired one another. Unlike Robin’s previous “Playbook” scheme/proposal, Barney did not need to manipulate her into dating him emotionally. He had good reason to avoid Quinn because she had deceived him, but she actively challenged him.

Barney and Quinn demonstrated their compatibility when they pranked the gang, who were concerned about the couple, to teach them not to interfere in their relationship.

Barney and Quinn were both rigid, but they also recognized their flaws and worked hard to improve themselves. As exampled by their need for a prenup. They weren’t the most trusting couple in How I Met Your Mother, but their goals were more aligned than Barney and Robin’s. The latter story dragged on far too long, despite numerous indications that she would eventually reconcile with Ted. Each was afraid of intimacy and hesitant to discuss their feelings openly. Robin even proposed to Ted that they run away on her wedding day. They made compromises for each other, and while Barney admired her independence. Robin was too preoccupied with her globetrotting career for the marriage. Quinn was independent, but she appeared to be more open to commitment. Telling Barney exactly where she stood throughout their relationship.

Quinn’s more optimistic outlook indicated that she was willing to actively work to make a marriage work in the long run. On the other hand, Robin was constantly concerned that she was making a mistake with Barney. And they rushed into an engagement while ignoring the reasons their first relationship failed. Perhaps Barney and Quinn were too similar, and they would have needed to address their trust issues. HIMYM set Barney up for heartbreak with Robin. Reverting him to his womanizing ways when he could have risen even more if he had married Quinn.

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