Friends: 7 Facts About Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer

Friends: 7 Facts About Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer

Given that Ross Geller and Rachel Green were the most popular couple on the show, it was natural for fans to notice their chemistry and wish for them to date in real life. Viewers of the show had given up on that dream for a long time because they had never dated in real life. Fans didn’t realize they had feelings for each other until Friends: The Reunion aired, and the world freaked out.

While filming Friends, they were both in love with each other.

The Friends cast has stated that they were all quick best friends, but it was clear that some cast members became closer than others. During the reunion’s James Cordon interview, it was revealed that both Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer admitted to having vast crushes on each other during season 1.

They imbued their characters with their feelings for one another.

Friends are still one of the most rewatchable sitcoms of all time thanks to Ross and Rachel’s iconic relationship. Even though the two never dated in real life. They were fortunate to play two characters who did on the show. While fans were disappointed that the two never got together, Jennifer reassured them that their emotions were still channeled for the benefit of the show.

Onset, they would often cuddle.

Not only did Aniston and Schwimmer have huge crushes on each other. But they would even try to sneak cuddles in during the show’s rehearsal breaks. “There were moments when we would hug on the couch or something,” David explained. And Jennifer added, “we would spoon and fall asleep on the couch.”

Their Cast Mates Knew They Were Crushing On Each Other

With the two clearly in love and adoration for one another. The two wondered how nobody on the set knew about their flirtationship. They had no idea that their fellow cast members were aware of their secret.

Their First Kiss was broadcast on television.

Because they never dated, it was clear that their flirtationship never progressed beyond cuddling. Jennifer, on the other hand, shared her thoughts on their first on-air kiss as well as their first kiss together in general.

They never dated if one of them was involved in a relationship.

During the reunion, it was revealed that, while the two were not platonic Friends TV duos. They never dated in real life. Fans might think that dating would be a no-brainer for a friendship with so much chemistry. But David explained why they never did.

They aren’t dating right now.

Given that, David and Jennifer made the excuse that they weren’t dating because one of them was always dating someone else. Fans were ecstatic to learn that they were both single at one point. However, it was simply not a compelling enough reason for the two to strike up a conversation these days.

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