Here Is How HIMYF Is Hiding It’s Real Storyline in a Plain Sight

The first season of Hulu’s HIMYF is already halfway through. And there are hints that it will take the same strategy as its predecessor, How I Met Your Mother. The woman supposed to be the mother of Ted Mosby’s story told to his children was their “Aunt Robin,” according to a twist early in the original 2005-2014 series. HIMYF has revealed that the father was present during the events of the pilot episode, without revealing his identity.

Ted was confronted with the fact that, as much as he loved his children’s late mother. He was still in love with Robin in the final episode of How I Met Your Mother. Which led to the two reuniting at the end of the episode. The finale sparked debate, with viewers wondering why they’d spent so much time looking for the titular mother. When Ted and Robin ended up together in the end. Bringing us to Sophie (Hilary Duff) from How I Met Your Father. The story told in the new series, and why it appears to be revisiting this contentious outcome.

In the scenes showing Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall as Sophie in the year 2050. Sharp-eyed viewers have noticed a few telltale signs that there’s more to the story. Her unadorned ring fingers are the most noticeable. There are several interpretations of this, ranging from the simple explanation that she and her father chose to remain unmarried, to Sophie taking her ring off earlier and forgetting to put it back on.

While the creative team behind How I Met Your Father appears to be keeping their storytelling options open. The specter of How I Met Your Mother’s ‘bait-and-switch’ looms large. In that case, however, Ted and Robin had undeniable chemistry, which made the pilot episode’s twist all the more effective. So it’s easy to see why they paired them together in the end. However, that is not the case with How I Met Your Father. So far, the best chemistry between Sophie and any of the prospective fathers has been with Josh Peck’s Drew in the many scenes where they can connect without sitcom shtick getting in the way.

The most significant issue for Sophie not marrying the father is How I Met Your Father’s visual, tone, and indirect spin-off relationship with the original show. If they don’t hit the mark, these parallels will undoubtedly resurrect the major backlash How I Met Your Mother faced. While it’s a fine enough conceit for the father and Sophie’s true love to be different men. The prospect of having to repeat this negative reaction should give How I Met Your Father’s creative team pause.

If How I Met Your Father introduces a new character with whom Duff’s Sophie has strong chemistry. It’s unlikely that viewers will object to learning that her father and the man she loves are not the same people. As it stands, they would be smart to play safe and give viewers what they wished the first time: a love story rather than a twist ending.

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