10 Hidden Details in Harry Potter That Fans Spotted

JK Rowling managed to conceal many hints and clues about various characters and items when she wrote the Harry Potter series. Many of these go unnoticed and become apparent only when a fan revisits the series.

Password For The Ministry Of Magic

When Mr. Weasley drives Harry Potter to the Ministry of Magic, they cram into a phone booth. When Mr. Weasley enters the secret password into the payphone, the floor drops them into the hidden Ministry.

Old Wives’ Fairy Tales That Come True

Like the muggle world, the wizarding world has its fair share of old wives’ tales. “May-born witches marry muggles,” for example, and “Jinx by twilight, undone by midnight” are two examples.

The Cabinet That Never Was

Draco sneaks Death Eaters into the castle using the broken vanishing cabinet at Hogwarts and the one for sale in Knockturn Alley, eventually leading to Dumbledore’s death.

The Surprising Name of Lupin

When Lupin first appears in Prisoner of Azkaban, the audience is convinced that he is concealing something, but they are unsure what it is. He is, of course, revealed to be a werewolf later on.

Snape Mentioned by Petunia

Petunia was not a favorite of the wizarding world, as everyone knows. As a result, Harry was taken aback when she revealed knowledge of Dementors and the wizard prison Azkaban. “I heard that awful boy telling her about them years ago,” she said when Harry questioned her.

The Triumph of Dumbledore

In Goblet of Fire, Harry tells Dumbledore about his escape from the graveyard. Voldemort resurrected himself by drinking Harry’s blood, according to Harry Potter. Despite the tragic news, Dumbledore’s face is filled with triumph.

Erised, the Mirror

The Mirror of Erised is a magical mirror featured in Sorcerer’s Stone that reveals the user’s deepest desire. For a while, Harry becomes obsessed with it because it depicts a family he never met.

The Gift of the Womrtail

Wormtail sacrifices his hand to assist his master’s return to human form. Voldemort rewards Wormtail with a new silver one as payment for his services. Wormtail tries to kill Harry three years later, but Harry Potter reminds him that he once saved Wormtail’s life. Wormtail is strangled to death by the silver hand when he hesitates.

Wizarding Locations’ Names

JK Rowling enjoyed playing with words, and the magical wizarding world provided her with plenty of opportunities. While many of the names of the characters allude to specific personality traits, there are a few other types of names that readers may not have realized were descriptive.

Murdered was Moaning Myrtle

Harry finds Tom Riddle’s diary in Chamber of Secrets. Unaware that Tom is Voldemort, Harry, and his friends conduct some research and discover that the mysterious Tom Riddle received an award for services to the school long before the events of the First Wizarding War.

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