A Dark Harry Potter Theory Exposes Voldemort’s Evil Act in Creating Horcruxes

The Horcrux is one of the most sinister mystical elements in the Harry Potter series. A Horcrux was described as the “wickedest of magical inventions” in the novel Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. With the full details of the spell left purposefully ambiguous. Allowing them to infuse an object or living creature with a piece of their spirit. This can be used to protect the caster from death. As, even the destruction of the caster’s body would not destroy the remnants of the soul hidden away in the Horcrux. Granting limited immortality as long as the Horcrux is not destroyed.

According to one fan theory, the final piece of the Horcrux puzzle includes becoming a cannibal and actually consuming a portion of the murder victim’s body. Completing the shattering of the soul in a way that even murder cannot. This shows how twisted Voldemort was and how dark he could truly become.

To create a tends, the spellcaster must kill another person. Which naturally “rips apart” the murderer’s spirit. Voldemort is one of the few characters in the Harry Potter universe. He created seven Horcruxes over the years, making him extremely difficult to kill. Power levels ranged from simple immobile objects to Nagani. The living serpent (and secret former Animagus).

However, Tom Riddle’s nominally inanimate diary — the first Horcrux. Eventually became a vessel for a shard of Voldemort’s soul, gaining consciousness.

Which Slughorn has refused to discuss. The question of what the magic fully entails has piqued the interest of fans since the concept’s inception, and some have a particularly dark theory. The final step in creating a tends involves committing a brief act of cannibalism against the victim. As a form of necromancy (magic based on the power of death), the creation of such a heinous object necessitates a heinous act that truly splints the soul. This is perhaps the most essential aspect of creating a Horcrux, because otherwise, every murder in the Wizarding World would result in Horcruxes.

Having this heinous act as part of the spell would explain how Tom Riddle was able to use something like Moaning Myrtle’s death to create his first Horcrux. Although he was the one who released the basilisk that killed her, he wasn’t technically responsible for her death. Consuming a piece of Mrytle after being directly responsible for her death. On the other hand, could have been the final step in splintering his spirit. If the second half of the spell necessitates a heinous act even more heinous than kill. There are few things more terifying than eating the flesh of a recently murdered victim. Each of the victims Voldemort used to fuel his Horcruxes died in secret as well. Providing Voldemort with the opportunity he needed to carry out such a heinous act.

It could even explain why the repeated use of the spell – and Voldemort’s eventual restoration as a result of them – resulted in his final form being largely inhuman. It’s a truly inhuman act, and a particularly dark extension of Voldemort’s plan, almost making his disturbing act as animalistic and vicious as possible. But, more intriguingly, it could be a possible solution to the spell’s unknown quality.

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