One of HIMYM’s best episodes is referenced in HIMYF.

HIMYF secretly referenced one of How I Met Your Mother’s greatest episodes, Season 2’s “Stuff,” in duplicating many of the original show’s best gags. The 10-episode first season of HIMYF included numerous Easter eggs and references to the beloved original sitcom. From direct references to Lily and Marshall to recurring dynamics and storylines. How I Met Your Father maintains its place within the HIMYM universe while attempting to stand alone.

With seasons as a hit sitcom, HIMYM has a plethora of iconic episodes spanning from the first to the final installments. Season 2, episode 16, “Stuff,” is one of HIMYM’s best episodes. As, it primarily follows two storylines: Ted and Robin arguing about whether they should keep things from previous relationships. And the gang going to see Lily’s bad play and, later. Barney’s even more torturous one-man show.

While “Stuff” is also notable for containing the second slap from Marshall and Barney’s famous slap bet. It is the two terrible plays from Lily and Barney that elevate it to classic status.

HIMYF episode 7 then sees Sophie and Valentina working a photography gig for a 13-year-old influencer’s bat mitzvah. Bringing back memories of the show’s iconic instalment. When Sophie becomes concerned about her job. Valentina asks if she wants a Xanax from the tin of pills in her purse. Valentina from How I Met Your Father explains that she got the Xanax before the gang went to see Sid’s improv show. Which the series sadly (or thankfully, based on her tone) did not depict on-screen.

Valentina’s remark about needing a Xanax to watch Sid’s excruciating improv show is a clever reference to a season 2 episode of How I Met Your Mother. In “Stuff,” Barney, Marshall, Ted, and Robin all agree to go see Lily’s play, despite Barney’s repeated protests. HIMYM then shows the long, agonising play in which Lily was performing. With Barney’s first remark being “Wow, Lily, it sucked!”  Valentina’s mention of needing Xanax to attend Sid’s improv show in How I Met Your Father connects back to HIMYM’s premise with Lily and Barney. Particularly Lily’s assertion that true friends go see each other’s bad plays.

Rather than directly repeating HIMYM’s episode by having the new gang watch Sid’s improv. Which is hinted to be pretty bad, HIMYF simply mentions it as a fun connection. Valentina’s quick reference to Sid’s improv show on How I Met Your Father achieves the same anecdote about the difficult parts of friendships that HIMYM’s season 2 episode was aiming to portray. While Lily only appeared in one bad play on How I Met Your Mother. Viewers may get a glimpse of Sid’s improv skills (or lack thereof) on How I Met Your Father.

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