This Storyline Proves that HIMYF can be As Good as HIMYM

The plot of HIMYF episode 6 revolved around Mia, Jesse, and Ellen. Demonstrating the ideal way for the new series to be as good as HIMYM. HIMYF has big shoes to fill, having debuted nearly a decade after its predecessor. Which lasted nine seasons. How I Met Your Father finally found its footing after half a season.

Ellen (Tien Tran) is mentioned in How I Met Your Father. Episode 6 as having slept with a foreign woman since her divorce. When Charlie throws a party in his apartment with Ellen, her brother. Jesse (Christopher Lowell), brings his new girlfriend, Mia (Margo Harshman). When Ellen sees Mia, she recognizes her as the woman she slept with earlier that week and attempts to keep the situation hidden from Jesse.

Several episodes of HIMYF felt forced or had stilted dialogue at times. The sixth episode of HIMYF, “Stacey,” was the first to feel completely fresh and natural because it worked to capitalize on the strengths of the specific cast of characters. How I Met Your Mother lacked a dynamic akin to Jesse and Ellen’s brother/sister relationship. When given the opportunity, this relationship allows the two characters to form a deeper, non-romantic bond. While the show had begun to examine their relationship earlier in the season. HIMYF episode 6 proved how it could be used effectively for comedy.

Leveraging the pair’s shared interest in women to put them in an odd spot situation where they needed to work on their communication.

Previous episodes of HIMYF have been heavy on vague callbacks and Easter eggs to How I Met Your Mother. Or have attempted to repurpose certain ideas from the original in new ways. Because the Ellen and Jesse active are special to HIMYF. The story was able to feel completely new and distinct from everything that had come before. How I Met Your Father can emerge from its predecessor’s shadow by utilizing stories like this. But this may pose a problem for a series dedicated to telling Sophie’s (Hilary Duff) story.

Interestingly, the Jesse and Ellen duo as sibs has drawn comparisons to Friends rather than How I Met Your Mother. And to the inclusion of the Monica and Chandler brother/sister pairing. Ellen’s sexuality adds a new dimension to the new series. Preventing it from rehashing a completely different previous sitcom. However, it appears that HIMYF is planning to have Ellen date a woman who lives across the hall from her. Which could lead to new Friends comparisons.

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