10 Reasons Why Phoebe and Ross Would’ve Made The Best Couple

Surprisingly, Ross and Phoebe never met in the Friends gang. Except for that one kiss in “The One with the Flashback,” that never happened. What a shame because they could have been a great pair. I think Ross and Phoebe have chemistry, and it would have been great to see them try a romantic relationship.

We may never see Phoebe and Ross on a date, but there are ten reasons why they would have made a great couple.

Ross Loves Phoebe

Ross adores Phoebe. He gives her a bicycle and teaches her how to ride it. When Ross discovers that Phoebe has never owned a bike, he goes out of his way to get her one.

They’ve Previously Shown Interest.

Considering they’ve already kissed, the idea of Phoebe and Ross dating isn’t outlandish. In a flashback from Friends season three, Ross and Phoebe kissed after Ross learned about Carol. This brief kiss revealed to the audience that Ross and Phoebe have chemistry.

They’ve Been Friends For A Long Time.

No surprise that Ross didn’t know one specific secret from Phoebe’s past. In season nine, Ross and Phoebe discover they’ve known each other since they were kids after Phoebe mugged Ross in New York City.

Themselves Adore

Phoebe has a distinct sense of style. Phoebe loves to dress up in fun printed dresses and fuzzy coats to express her personality. This is a trait Ross and Phoebe share.

Phoebe doesn’t have Ross’ BS.

Many Friends fans agree Ross made some mistakes. Throughout the series, Ross seems to make questionable decisions. Hence the match between Phoebe and Ross. Phoebe would not tolerate Ross’ nonsense. Phoebe isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Both are musicians

What’s the best thing about Ross and Phoebe? They could always make music together. Fans know Phoebe loves to sing, play guitar, and write songs, so she needs someone who will encourage her artistic pursuits.

Their Bond Is Unique

Ross and Phoebe are the first of the gang to have kids. Ross and his ex-wife had a son, and Phoebe was his surrogate mother. These are two life-altering events that give Phoebe and Ross a special bond.

Unlikes Attract

There’s no denying that Ross and Phoebe are poles apart. Phoebe and Ross are opposites due to their opposing upbringings, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Ross is a bit snobby and grew up in a wealthy family. However, Phoebe is artistic, laid-back, and self-reared.

Anime Lovers

Phoebe adores all animals. Phoebe’s partner must also like animals. Luckily, Ross does. He loves dinosaurs and his pet monkey, Marcel. True, Marcel was a pain throughout the series, but Ross would do anything for that capuchin monkey.

They’re BFFs

Phoebe and Ross are long-time friends who adore each other. They need a little chemistry, which they have.

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