How I Met Your Mother: Saddest Things About Ted

Ted seems to have a pretty fantastic life for most of How I Met Your Mother… but there are enough heartbreaking moments to balance that out.

Left At The Altar

Even though most fans never really cared or even liked Stella and Ted’s relationship, it’s clear that we all felt extremely bad for poor Ted on what was meant to be his special wedding day. To make it even worse, it was all because of his attempt to save the wedding in the first place. After Stella banned Ted from inviting his ‘friend’ Robin to the wedding, Ted struck himself a deal.

To prove that exes can go to each other’s weddings, Ted let Stella invite her ex, Tony. But in a massive twist, after Robin felt too guilty being there and headed back to New York, she saw Stella and Tony hit it off again, ditching Ted at the altar. And no one, not even Ted, deserves that kind of treatment.

Time Travelers

In one of the most entertaining episodes of season eight, and maybe even of the entire show, Ted and Barney spend the whole twenty-two minutes of the episode, arguing about whether to go and watch Robots Vs Wrestlers: Legends. While this may sound like a drag, the addition of future versions of themselves makes it all the more fun.

We meet a Barney from twenty years into the future and twenty minutes into the future, while also meeting a Ted from twenty years into the future and from twenty minutes into the future. But, despite the episode being hilarious, the climax leaves us feeling sorry for Ted yet again as it’s revealed the whole argument is just a figment of his imagination and he is actually all alone.

Robin & Barney’s Engagement

Whether or not you believe Robin and Ted were meant to be with each other, there’s no denying this was a sad moment. Ted was the bigger man and let his two friends be happy together, even though he knew it would hurt him. Hats off to you Ted.

A Heartbroken Marshall

 Ted was in a good mood after he and Robin properly got together. Thankfully, despite his good news, Ted pulled together and was there for his friend when he needed him the most, proving just how much he cared for them both.


Thanks to their constant bickering and arguing, the two were never right for each other. At one point, while they were only friends, Ted and Zoey did get along and seemed to have some chemistry, but eventually the glaring signs were there from the beginning.

The Never-Ending Robin Romance

Despite his string of relationships in the show, ranging from awful ones like Zoey and Stella to some pretty good and promising ones like Victoria and mother tracy. Ted began and ended the series in love with the very same girl, Robin.

While they didn’t get off to the best of starts, it was clear the two had great chemistry.

They ended up spending most of the show as best friends, after their initial romantic fling, but this only made their bond stronger. They knew each other’s flaws, likes, interests, and were always there for each other. And seeing as, after all, they went through, the series ended with Ted trying to reignite their romance, maybe ted and robin are endgame.

The Blue French Horn


In one of the most iconic parts of the very first episode, and eventually the very last episode, Ted attempts to woo Robin with a very special and unique gift, a blue french horn. On their first date at the restaurant ‘Carmichaels’, Robin and Ted both talk about an odd-looking french horn hanging up on the restaurant’s wall.

Tracy’s Death

 It was clear that tracy and Ted were perfect together, it turned out that she had died six years prior to the 2030 future we had been watching. But, even though it may have been a slightly disappointing twist, watching Ted sit by her side during her illness was a sad moment, and definitely proved how much they loved each other.

Poor Decision Making

Similar to his hopeless romantic antics, Ted commonly found himself making many stupid and preventable mistakes. He cheated on Victoria with Robin, even after it was his idea to give the long-distance thing a try, he pursued women relentlessly until they turned their no into a yes, and that’s only mentioning his romantic mistakes.

He held a party for three nights in a row even though Marshall had a big exam the next day, he tried to undermine Barney and Robin’s wedding because he was ‘in love’ with her, amongst many other mistakes. But, we do have to cut him some slack, because we do know he didn’t mean to be an idiot and only wanted to find the one.

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