The Pilot of Breaking Bad Gave Away The Story In 10 Minutes – Theory Explained

The Pilot of Breaking Bad Gave Away The Story In 10 Minutes - Theory Explained

Breaking Bad was invented by Vince Gilligan, who had his first taste of significant success as a writer/producer on The X-Files, and introduced the world to Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher who turns to cooking or selling meth after a lung cancer diagnosis suggests he’ll die soon. Walt starts out wanting to leave a nest egg for his family, but things quickly spiral out of control. Breaking Bad told an intricate and compelling story.

The pilot revealed the entire plot early on according to one theory.

Breaking Bad was an Emmy winner, particularly for stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. And is widely regarded as one of the best dramas ever produced for television. Walt built a criminal empire throughout five tense seasons, immersing himself deeper and deeper into the uglier side of life. He may have amassed a lot of money. But every dollar seemed to bring with it more problems to deal with. It’s difficult to imagine those watching Breaking Bad’s pilot episode had any idea where Walt would end up after deciding to break bad. However, according to one theory (via Reddit), one of the first scenes shown in Breaking Bad’s comeback subtly lays out the basics of the plot to come. Walt gives a chemistry lecture to his class before his diagnosis in the scene in question.

In the lecture, Walter White describes chemistry as a cycle of growth, decay, and transformation. However, according to this theory, those three words also describe Walt’s life up to that point. As well as what is to come in the future. The term “growth” can refer to either Walt’s aging or the growth of cancer he’ll soon discover is inside him. The decay either refers to the effect that Walt’s lung cancer will have on his health or that his life has decayed to the point. Where Walt was unhappy even before the cancer is discovered in the pilot episode. His marriage to Skyler has become monotonous, he feels underappreciated at work.

His brother-in-law Hank regularly teases him about his indifference.

According to the theory in question, the transformation aspect has two meanings. There’s Walt’s literal transformation from mild-mannered family man to drug kingpin Heisenberg, but there’s also his emotional transformation. When he transforms into Heisenberg, his life is no longer boring, & his status in the underworld has given him the trust he never had before. While many fan theories are speculative at best, this interpretation appears to be pretty accurate. Given the amount of foreshadowing present in Breaking Bad, it feels exactly like something Gilligan & company would’ve thrown in to make repeat viewings more rewarding. It also emphasizes the importance of chemistry in Breaking Bad, a recurring theme throughout the series.

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