When Kathleen Turner appeared on “Friends,” she said the cast was snobby and unwelcoming.

Kathleen Turner recently did a candid Q&A with Vulture, and she really spilled some tea.

Turner said Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t “very skilled” and had a bad voice in an interview with David Marchese, and that she slapped another actor once because he bit her during a scene.

Turner also talked her role as Chandler Bing’s biological father, a transgender woman, on Friends. Actually, the actor didn’t think the cast was friendly.

The show never reveals Chandler Bing’s (Matthew Perry) father, Charles Bing. Chandler’s parents divorced because his father slept with their pool man. While Friends never explicitly states that Chandler’s father is transgender, viewers only see him as a woman. Chandler’s father also performs in drag shows as Helena Handbasket.

“The cast made me feel unwelcome,” she said. “I remember wearing a difficult sequined gown with high heels that were killing me. Oddly, none of the actors offered me a seat.”

“An older crew member said, ‘Get Miss Turner a chair.'”

Friends actors were a clique, but she didn’t think her experience was unique. “I believe it was because they were such a small group that nobody else mattered.”

Turner refused to comment on the cast’s acting abilities. “Perhaps if I had months to work with them, I could judge their skill,” she said. “But I could only judge from my short time on the show.”

“I admire their friendship. On the screen is camaraderie.”

The actor also revealed some gems. Turner claimed former co-star Michael Douglas told her he, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty had a “competition” to “get me first.” “None of them,” she said.

Turner also mentioned meeting Donald Trump and his “gross handshake.”

“He goes to shake your hand and rubs your wrist with his index finger,” she said. “He’s attempting a seductive intimacy move. You yuck away your hand.”

Turner’s Q&A was well received by many.


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