HIMYM: Proof that Lily is Barney’s Best Friend

How I Met Your Mother had a unique relationship with the core group of friends. There was a lot of dating, but that doesn’t mean all of it. They kept fighting over who was Ted’s best friend all the time. In the end, it was Marshall because he was the person who did it. But what Barney didn’t know was that Lily was his absolute best friend, and the opposite may have been confirmed as well.

Barney kind of pushed his way into Ted Mosby’s friend’s group and became one of them. He saw him at the bar where the group went. He decided that he would be Ted’s mentor for the rest of his life, and he told him that. It didn’t end there. Barney didn’t go away after that. When Ted first met him, he knew right away that he was the real reason he was so happy. Besides, Marshall had been friends with Ted for a long time and knew him better than Ted did.

At the same time, Barney met Ted, which led to Lily meeting Barney, so in college, she first met Ted and Marshall. She soon began a long-term relationship with Marshall. In Season 2, they finally got married and lived happily ever after. This would not have happened if Barney had not been there for him to help out. And Lily was the reason Barney had the best times in his life, so that is why.

End of Season 1, Lily leaves Marshall to go to San Fransisco and follow her painter’s dreams. To help Marshall pick up the pieces of his life in New York, Robin and Barney, and Ted were working with him. One of them realised that something bigger was required. She said that Barney flew to San Francisco and gave her a ticket back home in Season 2, Episode 19.

Without Barney, Lily might not have been able to get back together with Marshall, and she might not have been able to do that.

As soon as Lily came back to New York, Barney again came to help her. It was in the fifth episode of Season 2. Lily was back in the city, but she still had not made up with her future husband. In the end, Barney lets Lily stay at his house while she works on her life. They became very close after that. They told each other things that no one else knew.

Barney’s love for Robin was a big part of this in a big way. His relationship with Robin made it hard for him to talk to Ted or Marshall. Lily was a big help and sounding board for him as he tried to hide his feelings for Robin. Robin and Barney might not have stayed together in the long run, but without Lily’s help, they never would have met.

Barney and Lily became best friends even though they didn’t know it at the time. Each of them became the person they could turn to when things got tough. It’s not like they didn’t like everyone else in the group. But Barney and Lily were also friends on a different level, so they were friends. During their darkest times, the two of them were there for each other and helped each other out.

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