10 Characters Who Would’ve Been Perfect for Joey from FRIENDS

Like Joey’s twin, there’s always someone out there who would be perfect for Days of Our Lives star. If Joey ever lost his close group of friends, these people could help lift him, make him laugh, and, just maybe, be a match for him.

Robin Scherbatsky can’t be emotional, which is perfect for Joey because he can’t be (How I Met Your Mother)Lives

A high-ball glass of finely aged McKenna might not be to Joey’s taste. But Robin’s love of sports and the wilderness might make him want to learn more about her. Robin isn’t afraid to show off her passion for hockey. Even though Joey’s heart is in New York, he might be able to take Robin to a Knicks game from time to time.

They could talk about life on TV, as well as other things (Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip)

A single season of Aaron Sorkin’s show was enough time to get to know Jeannie Whatley, even though the show was only on for a year. Jeannie is a very funny and promiscuous young woman having a lot of fun on a TV show and having sex with the show’s head writer, Matt Albie (ironically played by Matthew Perry). One of the rising stars of the show Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.

There is a chance that Eric Matthews could be the person that Chandler never had as a friend (Boy Meets World)

It’s sometimes nice to have a good friend with who you can laugh and have a beer. You could also if both of you wanted to, play basketball together. Eric Matthews and Joey Tribbiani are two people who do this. When it comes to age, these two men are made of the same cloth.

Tobias Fünke could talk about how hard it is to break in (Arrested Development)

It might be the best thing for Joey, who seems to act like a soap opera actor and hopes for the best. Tobias might be the best person to connect with him. To help each other after a bad audition, they can work together to grow their love for acting.

Nikki Fernandez and Joey could put on the best crossover event in the world, and they could do it (LOST)

She gets a bad rap for being one of the most annoying people on the creepy and mysterious island, but it’s not true. In the climax, she always finds a way into everyone else’s business, but they don’t know she is on the lookout for diamonds she stole. She most likely would have found a friend in Joey before the island.

She could be Obi-Wan for Joey. Blanche Devereaux could be Joey’s Obi-Wan (The Golden Girls)

Widow: She’s 53 and has a lot of love in her heart. It will always be true that Blanche Devereaux is, and always will be, a queen among women. It’s impossible to question her ability to pursue any man she wants and do so without much attention, except for Sophia giving her the runaround. It wouldn’t be another woman in Joey’s Rolodex. She would be the person who could help him improve his skills.

Because of Izzy Stevens, Joey (Grey’s Anatomy) could have the best thing ever happened to him.

Izzy is a very good surgical oncologist. In the beginning, she had nothing. She used her assets to make some money as a model to pay for her way through medical school. She is resourceful and has a strong will. The things that Joey doesn’t have are all things that he doesn’t have.

Al Calavicci and Joey could work together to help some people and save them from death (Quantum Leap)

Joey and Al might be attracted to each other because they both like to have fun with women. What binds the two men together is their sense of duty in the face of adversity. As a Rear Admiral and a POW, Al vowed to his country to do everything he could to keep it and its people safe. When he joins the Quantum Leap project, he and his partner, Sam, work to make things right all over history.

They could teach Joey a thing or two about food (The Scooby-Doo Show)

One of Joey’s ideas of heaven might be to put Joey with Scooby-Doo and Shaggy. When does he get to work with a talking dog, but every fifteen minutes or so, he and the dog could stop for a sandwich and eat to their heart’s desire. This could also be a chance for Joey to show Shaggy and Scoob the best meatball sub ever made.

Liz Lemon could be Joey’s food twin (30 Rock)

In the movie, Liz Lemon and Joey would talk about their favorite Hostess products while they were debating whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. There is no doubt that Liz and Joey would get along, but it would all come down to what they ate.

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