How I Met Your Mother: Robin’s 5 Best Career Decisions

Robin has some serious ups and downs on her way to being a serious reporter – what were her best moves on How I Met Your Mother?

Best: Robin Sparkles

Every fan knows that when Robin was a teenager, she became a popstar in Canada, with the smash hit ‘Let’s Go To The Mall’. As an adult, Robin is humiliated by her time as a teenage pop star; the TV show, Space Teens, the follow up single ‘Sandcastles In The Sand’, all of it. However, it actually does her good. For one thing, it presumably made her some solid money at a young age, but it also created great contacts and experience in front of a camera.

Best: Getting A US Citizenship

A lot is made of the fact that Robin is a Canadian, and in one episode, this becomes a major issue, as she realizes that she has visa issues – and needs to get a job, in her field, ASAP. This leads to a frantic search for a new position, as the mail informing her of the visa issue didn’t end up getting to her until it was almost too late, and while Robin dealt with the situation, it showed how precarious her situation could be.

Best: Taking The Risk On Working In Japan

Admittedly, Robin hated working in Japan, and left after a very brief stint there as a news anchor. However, it was a great decision to take the job, even if she left it quickly. Not only does it look great on her resume, but this gave her a unique experience, and really showed Robin how much her work in New York, and her home in New York, meant to her. Horrible job, sure, but a great decision to take it.

Best: Working At Worldwide News

Robin may go through some ups and downs in her career, but her decision to take a job at World Wide News that is off the air, as a researcher, is one of the best ones she makes.

Best: Getting Barney To Create Her A Resume

It may seem ridiculous to think that having Barney create an over-the-top and occasionally incoherent video resume for Robin would be a good idea, but it turns out, he actually knows what he is doing. When Robin was nearly deported for visa issues, he was the one who found her a job, and then negotiated her a better job with more money! Giving him the permission to do this was clearly a smart move (even if no one can understand why it worked).

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