10 Moments that Prove that Monica and Phoebe are NOT Real Friends

Friends help each other. Friends don’t tell each other their secrets. It happens that friends disagree. In the TV show Friends, these statements are factual.

At times, Phoebe Buffay and Monica Geller don’t talk to each other, and at other times, they make passive-aggressive statements that make other people’s lives a mess. They’re not friends on any level. They do things that aren’t very nice, which makes people question whether or not the characters should be friends. Sure, friends can get on each other’s nerves from time to time. But these two seem to do things to each other that are just plain mean at times. Because of these reasons, it’s effortless to think of 10 reasons why Phoebe and Monica aren’t real friends and come up with them.

“The One with the Flashback”: Season 3, Episode 6. Phoebe moved out when she was a secret.

According to the backstory in this episode, Phoebe doesn’t tell Monica that she wants to move out. Instead, she sneaks all of her things out of Monica’s apartment and moves in secret! A real friend would say, “I think it would be best for our friendship if I moved out.”

Episode 2: “The One with the Two Parties”

Rachel’s parents, who have recently split up, show up to help her celebrate her birthday. Because she doesn’t want the party to go wrong and ruin it for her, her friends set up two separate parties. One for each parent. There’s a party going on for the pretty girls. Chandler and Joey get all of them and have a good time. Monica wants her guests to play games that aren’t fun and to make sure they close their marker caps all the way.

When Phoebe cut Monica out of the show: Season 10, Episode 3: “The One With Ross’s Tan.”

This episode shows more of the friends’ dark past. It’s not easy for Monica and Phoebe to not answer the phone when their old roommate Amanda Buffamonteezi comes back from Great Britain. On the other hand, Chandler takes the phone and brings it right to Monica. The Central Perk is where they have to meet Amanda because Monica is too excellent for them to say no to.

In Season 4, Episode 9: “The One Where They’re Going To Party,” Monica breaks up with Phoebe.

For some reason, Monica and Phoebe aren’t having a good time right now. Monica can cook, and Phoebe can look intimidating to people who don’t pay their bills, so they start a catering business. They both have no jobs. A restaurant owner tracked down Monica and offered her to work there. Then she gave him a taste of what real food should taste like, and he said he liked it.

During Season 7, Episode 1: “The One With Monica’s Thunder,” Phoebe asked to sing at Monica’s wedding.

Monica: Is Phoebe’s singing so bad that she should be made to wear a muzzle, or is Monica being too rude? It was Phoebe’s dream to sing at Monica and Chandler’s wedding. She didn’t want to let go until they gave her a dollar to book her and let her sing on their big day, so she did.

Season 9, Episode 19: “The One with Rachel’s Dream.”

As long as Phoebe wants to sing outside her restaurant to cheer up people who have to wait outside for a table, Monica doesn’t change her mind about Phoebe’s singing. Monica’s real feelings about Phoebe’s singing become apparent when she does this.

Episode 11: “The One With Mrs. Bing”

All bets were off when a hot, available guy was in the picture. Monica woo woos a hot guy they met at a newspaper stand. When he turns to see who that was, he is hit by a moving car and falls into a coma. Phoebe told Monica to do this. Not enough for these two. On the sly, they start to visit him. They try to outdo each other so they can be the ones to win his heart when he wakes up.

To steal the wind from each other: Season 2, Episode 19: “The One Eddie Won’t Go.”

Rachel and Monica find a book about women’s empowerment. When they look at some of the questions during a goddess session, Monica finds out that Phoebe slept with her former boyfriend just 60 minutes after they broke up. Phoebe and Monica are so competitive with men that they don’t stop with the guy in a coma.

At the end of Season 2, Episode 18: “The One Where Dr. Ramoray dies.”

Phoebe goes over the line when she tells Richard about Monica’s sleeping partner history. Richard only had two partners, and one of them was Monica. Monica had, well, less than a football field full of men.

In Season 16, Episode 7: “The One With the Truth About London,” Phoebe throws Monica under the bus.

She throws Monica under the bus again when she tells Chandler that Monica wants to sleep with Joey instead of Chandler. Someone in the wedding party thought Monica was Ross’ mother, so she looked for Joey to make her feel better about herself when she was feeling down. It turned out that instead, she and Chandler started a relationship. Instead of having a one-night stand, she ended up with her true love.

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