Breaking Bad: 10 Topics from Season 1 that get better over time.

Breaking Bad: 10 Topics from Season 1 that get better over time.

When Breaking Bad came to an end more than a decade ago, it was still one of the best TV shows ever aired. Many more episodes than the typical three made the show start to change. However, it was all part of the story. The fact that Walter White couldn’t become Heisenberg in a day isn’t a big surprise. There were a lot of small changes to make the anti-hero happen over time.

10. Walter White’s Original Personality

In the beginning, Heisenberg was just a high school science teacher who had messy hair and glasses. He also had khaki pants and corny sweaters, so it’s easy to forget that. Nothing at all stood out about him.

9.Jesse Pinkman’s Attitude

According to Reddit, Breaking Bad fan favorite Jesse has changed throughout the show. But it’s hard to know how much when he kept saying things like “yah, bitch” and acting like a child the whole time. Only when people look back at season 1 can they see how much he has changed.

8. That Bathtub Scene

The epic bathtub scene in the second episode set the tone for the show. Walt kills Emilio and another drug dealer with phosphine gas in a panic. They now need to figure out how to get rid of the bodies.

7. The RV In The Desert Scene

In an RV in the middle of the desert, what would become a vast drug operation began. Walt could make a quick profit for his family in the drug underworld using his knowledge and skills. He needed Jesse and his small-time drug dealing friends to help him with the distribution end.

6. Walt’s Interactions With Gretchen And Elliott

Fans learned why Walt was so angry in the fifth episode when he went to a birthday party for Elliott’s old friend. Elliott his ex-girlfriend Gretchen (now Elliott’s wife) had been in business together in the past. He also lost a lot of money on a project that he was critical of.

5. Stealing Methylamine From A Warehouse

It was important for Walt and Jesse to have a lot of materials to make a lot of drugs like they wanted to. It was essential to have methylamine, made from anomia and sold as methanol, alcohol, THF, and water, in the store.

4. Walt’s Blow-Up At The Car Wash

He gets angry at the car wash where he worked as a second job in Breaking Bad. Afterward, he tells his boss, “f*** you and your eyebrows,” then walks away.

3. Hank Being Unaware Of Who Walt Is

A great cat & mouse game between Walt. The rising new drug kingpin, and Hank, the brother-in-law of Walt’s wife. While Hank kept hearing about this new kind of blue meth and dealer, Walt tried to get as much information as possible to make sure Hank didn’t find out the truth.

2. Jesse Covering For His Brother

Many fans didn’t get to see much about Jesse’s home life, but they did know that he seemed to come from a loving family with parents who wanted him to clean up his act. Jesse, on the other hand, was the total opposite. His younger brother was talented, intelligent, and athletic, and he was the opposite of Jesse.

1. Walter Shaving His Head

In every show, there’s a significant change. If you watch Breaking Bad, the scene in episode 6 when Walter cuts his hair in front of a bathroom mirror is what you want to remember. People say that it’s partly because he’s going to get cancer treatment, which will make his hair fall out. But it’s more about the symbolism behind it than anything else.

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