10 Best Low-Key Villains On The Show of Breaking Bad

10 Best Low-Key Villains On The Show of Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, the main bad guys are easy to spot. People don’t think Gus Fring or Tuco are good guys when they beat their henchman No-Doze to death with a baseball bat. However, some people seem good at first but end up hurting or interfering with the protagonists in a big way or way.

10. Marie Schrader

When the show is over, Marie is supportive of both Hank Schrader. Her sister, Skyler, as well as her husband. She is also a person who is usually kind. Marie also has kleptomania, which puts her husband in a difficult situation because he’s one of the best law enforcement officers in Breaking Bad. When Skyler takes the blame for one of Marie’s thefts, he ends up in hot water, even though he wasn’t the one who stole.

9. Jesse’s Mom and Dad

Adam and Diane are the perfect older adults. When they see that Jake has a lot of potential, they love her, but they don’t like Jesse because he’s already proved to be a loser.

8. Elliott Schwartz

Walt started Gray Matter Technologies with the help of a wealthy co-owner who owns the company now. He also worked with him on a study that won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

7. Bogdan Wolynetz

Walt works at the A1A car wash for extra money, which is one of the most well-known Breaking Bad places. It turns out that Bogdan Wolynetz, the owner, is very good at business. When he meets Walt, though, his true colors show.

6. Vanco

Vanco is a DEA agent who works at the Intelligence Center in El Paso, and he helps the DEA find drugs. He is often at the center of the missions. The best example of this is when he gets information from Tortuga and checks out the mysterious turtle.

5. Ted Beneke

His employees love him because he always treats them well. He also gives Skyler her old job back when she needs a job.

4. Ramey

The head of the DEA’s El Paso division is the kind of person who is always in charge. After the death of Tuco Salamanca, he first meets Hank to tell him about what he learned.

3. Ken

In this case, Walt has to borrow money from his pension to pay for a top oncologist that Skyler has set up for him. Across the street, a loud stock-broker named Ken takes his parking spot.

2. Jane Margolis

He falls in love with him when he moves into an apartment that her father owns. As her father tells her, “Don’t do this.” She doesn’t listen, even though he tells her not to.

1. Skyler White

At the show’s beginning, Walt’s wife is very kind and supportive to him and his family. She wants her husband to get better, so she does her best to look after him. When Walt becomes one of the best meth cooks in Breaking Bad, things get even more complicated than they already were.

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