The 10 Most Classic Fictional Breaking Bad Sets

The 10 Most Classic Fictional Breaking Bad Sets

In Breaking Bad, things don’t move quickly from one place to the next in a short amount of time. Each scene stays in the place where it’s set for a few minutes, giving viewers time to notice and think about every little thing.

10.A1A Car Wash

First, Walt works at the A1A car wash to help pay for his job as a teacher. In the beginning, he and Skyler buy the car wash. They use it to hide money.

9. Los Pollos Hermanos

As a businessman, Gus Fring uses his restaurant chain, Los Pollos Hermonos (the Chicken Brothers), to hide money from drug dealers. The German company Madrigal Electromotive GmbH has invested a lot in Los Pollos, even though Gus is owned. In the process, he makes himself look like a natural person.

8. The White Residence

Walt’s house is as important as the people in the show. It is at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane. It has a lot of exciting events, like the pizza throwing and the Cousins trying to hit each other.

7. Hector’s Nursing Home – Casa Tranquila

A retirement home in Albuquerque called Casa Tranquila is where Hector Salamanca lives after Hank kills his nephew and leaves him alone. In Breaking Bad, it’s also where Hector kills himself with Gus. Which is one of the most shocking deaths in the show.

6. Saul’s Office – Goodman & Associates

A strip mall in Albuquerque is where Saul has his office. Walt, Jesse, Saul, and Mike all meet there when a business needs to be talked about.

5. The Superlab

Walt and Jesse make methamphetamine for Gus Fring in the Superlab, under the Lavandera Brillante industrial laundry.

4. Jesse’s Apartment Unit

Fans get to see some of Jesse Pinkman’s most heartbreaking moments when they watch this unit. Jesse was kicked out for making meth at his aunt’s house by his parents. He rents an apartment.

3. J.P. Wynne High School

Walt is a chemistry teacher at this J.P. Wynne High School. But he decides to make meth out of it. Jesse used to be a student at the school, and that’s how Walt and Jesse met each other.

2. Mexico

If you live in Mexico, you can find the Juarez Cartel there. Here, the most unlucky thief of all time comes from. Don Eladio and his gang of thugs don’t let Walt and Gus Fring get away from them.

1. Unspecified Desert Near Albuquerque

In the beginning, Walt and Jesse kept driving their RV to the desert to cook from there. In “Ozymandias,” which many people think is the best episode of Breaking Bad, is set in the desert.

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