How I Met Your Mother: Barney’s 5 Best Career Decisions

Barney’s job is a mystery for much of How I Met Your Mother – but he still has some awesome moments at work

Best: His Motivational Posters In His Office.

The motivational posters hung on the wall behind Barney’s desk didn’t go unnoticed by fans. While some of the posters are classic, others were created and printed by Barney himself. The posters remind everyone who comes into the office of Barney’s positive outlook on life and inspires the other workers. Granted, some of the sayings are a bit unconventional, such as his conformity poster, but overall, they encourage people to “keep being awesome.”

Best: Telling Everyone What He Does For A Living Without Telling Them (P.L.E.A.S.E.)

Barney’s career is kept under wraps for good reason. Most of the things he does for his company are extremely illegal, and it’s wouldn’t take much to put him behind bars. But, Barney never lies about his job to his friends. They just don’t realize it.

Whenever the gang asks Barney what he does for a living he says “please.” They always assume he’s brushing them off, but in reality, he’s telling them exactly what they want to know. P.L.E.A.S.E is an acronym for Barney’s position. It stands for “Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything.”

Best: Getting Ted And Marshall Jobs

Barney always wants to spend time with his friends, so getting Ted and Marshall jobs at his company wasn’t necessarily a sacrifice on his part. He managed to help the company, his best friends, and himself all at the same time. Barney was so attached to the idea of Ted and Marshall working with him that he went out of his way to make sure it would happen. When Marshall eventually left GNB, Barney threw a fit and begged him not to go.

Best: His “Conference Calls” With Marshall

When Barney and Marshall decide that they’d rather hang out than work, one of them pops into the other’s office and tells them they’re about to start a conference call. They excuse themself from whatever meeting they’re in and sneak up to the roof to have a beer. It’s definitely not a smart thing to do since they could get fired for drinking on the clock, but they never face any consequences for their actions. It ends up being a smart and easy way for them to blow off steam in the middle of the workday.

Best: Using His Revenge Plan To Get A Job

When Barney’s girlfriend leaves him for an older man named Greg, Barney hatches a long-term plan to get his revenge. He reinvents himself, infiltrates Greg’s workplace, and reveals Greg’s illegal activity to the FBI. Even after Greg is arrested Barney sticks around at the company, and ends up turning it into his career. Leave it to Barney to perfectly implement a revenge plot and get a well playing job along the way.

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