MBTI® Of How I Met Your Mother Characters

Marshall, Robin and the rest of the How I Met Your Mother characters all have distinct personalities. But how do they fit into the MBTI system?

Gary Blauman-ENFJ (Protagonist)

Gary blauman wasn’t in the show for long and most of his story was fabricated through Barney claiming that Blauman made a scene at the office and threatened to pee on everything while he was quitting his job and then he eventually died. None of this actually happened as Blauman is shown in the background working at Barney’s office and Marshall meets him later in the series.

He also shows up at Barney’s wedding and reveals he had an affair with his half brother James. Although the group has strong and mixed feelings of both love and hate for him, Blauman is mostly a loyal, sociable, and empathetic character who is there to help just like the ENFJ personality type.

Billy Zabka-ISFJ (Defender)

Barney believes that his character was actually the hero of the movie and Billy is understandably excited to have a fan and eventually have a good friend. He’s a loyal, considerate, and committed friend that just wants to be part of the family proving he has a lot of similar characteristics to the ISFJ personality.

Sandy Rivers-ESFP (Entertainer)

Sandy Rivers didn’t appear often on the show, but he was mostly known for his misogynistic ways while working as an anchor alongside Robin. He constantly harassed Robin and other women, and his countless scandals eventually ended his career in America and he became an anchor in Russia.

The ESFP personality is typically outgoing, friendly, and enjoys working in a team of people while also being a lover of life, which Rivers was, but he never learned how to respect women both in and out of the workplace.

Ted Mosby-INFJ (Advocate)

Like a typical INFJ, Ted is quietly intense, which is a trait that forms the foundation of the entire show, namely his never-ending search for the right woman. This trait does have its downside, however, as it has often led him into the wrong types of relationships.

He does, however, possess the great INFJ quality of being vision and meaning-oriented, which allows him to persevere in his career as an architect and eventually find his soulmate. Ted’s perseverance is what allowed him to stay positive and keep striving for what he wants, even when others would have thrown in the towel.

Barney Stinson-ENTP (Debater)

An inventive playboy, Barney uses his ENTP adaptability to orchestrate many plays in which he successfully managed to court women. He is a novelty seeker who is always up for a party and often attempts to coerce Ted into participating in his elaborate schemes.

Robin Scherbatsky-ISTP (Virtuoso)

While she may sometimes seem somewhat negative, this impression is mostly due to her ISTP sense of practicality. Robin has her feet planted firmly on the ground, and goes after what she wants, even when it leads her all the way to Japan. While she often remains cool and seems to take a back seat, her hands-on personality comes out when she gets involved in discussions on ice hockey as well as her news reporter career.

While she may be down to earth, Robin also has a sense of adventure like many other ISTPs, which leads her to act impulsively. We saw this after her second breakup with Ted, when she decided to travel to Argentina as an escape and came back with her rebound boyfriend, Gael.

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