‘HIMYM’: Cristin Milioti Had The Most New York Subway Incident

Cristin Milioti proved to be a real New Yorker recalling one of the weirdest subway incidents she experienced.

The New Jersey-born actress, best known for playing the titular mother on How I Met Your Mother, has moved to New York after high school to pursue a career in acting.

Milioti has recently taken the subway again ever since the pandemic. She explained she missed the “beautiful” feeling of listening to music during a commute.

But not all of her subway memories are this poetic, the Grammy-winning actress explained.

How Cristin Milioti Saved Her Bagel On The NYC Subway

“One time, I was headed to a rehearsal and I had a big bagel and cream cheese and I was like, trying to do that thing [where you don’t touch the subway pole] cause it’s like, germs, but also, I was like, ‘I live here,’” she told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

“And I would, like, try to surf it with the stop,” she continued.

“And so I would use one ankle bone against like, the thing,” she added.

That one time didn’t go well for Milioti, who found herself balancing her giant bagel when the train stopped short.

“I fell but I was able to hold [the bagel] up and I got it all over my neck and hair,” she said.

“I was on my back in the grossest, stickiest subway car, but I was able to save the bagel and then everyone applauded,” she added.

It doesn’t get more New York than this, confirmed Fallon.

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