Here’s Why This Baby Looks So Much Like ‘How I Met Your Mother’s Josh Radnor

This might be hard for some fans to believe, but Ted Mosby actor Josh Radnor has a doppelgänger now!

His character was instrumental to the series, which revolved around Ted telling his children the story of how he met their mother. Although How I Met Your Mother received negative reviews for the show’s handling of the highly anticipated finale, it’ll always be remembered as a television series that renewed our faith in romance.

It was the actor’s break-out role, and even since going off-air in 2014, HIMYM is as popular as ever. The pandemic gave rise to more and more viewers resorting to streaming services for entertainment, and catching up on television’s most popular shows seemed like the best thing to do. Radnor has now revealed the story of one HIMYM fan, who has interestingly given birth to the actor’s doppelgänger.

Don’t believe him? You can see it for yourself!

This Baby Looks Just Like Josh Radnor!

The actor shared a hilarious story to his Instagram account today. Ebru Koç Kara, a die-hard fan of the series watched the series with her husband, repeatedly during her pregnancy. So much so, that when her son was born, he looked just like Ted Mosby aka Josh Radnor!

The resemblance is uncanny. The photo shared by Radnor sees a collage of the baby and his character Ted in the series, striking eerily similar poses. The two flaunt unruly black hair in the pictures, and almost identical expressions.

The actor wrote, “@ebrukoc.kara told me she and her husband watched so much HIMYM while she was pregnant that her baby came out looking like me. I have no reason to doubt the scientific validity of this.”

His fans were taken by surprise, and some thought Radnor was sharing a photo of himself from his childhood days, while others suggested it was his son. Negative! It’s the actor’s doppelgänger from halfway across the world.

The photo has garnered significant attention, and the fan who informed Radnor seems to have noticed it too. “i hope Ekin Uygar -my baby- will be a handsome, talented and successfully just like you!” she wrote.

Fans commented with mutual adoration for the baby, writing that they hoped he has a love as epic as Radnor’s character in the series, Ted Mosby.

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