Ranked: All Of Ted’s Relationships On How I Met Your Mother, From Worst To Best

Even though the CBS hit comedy series How I Met Your Mother has been over since 2013, it still lives on in reruns on FX and FXX. The main characters Lily (Alyson Hannigan), Marshall (Jason Segel), Robin (Cobie Smulders), Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), and Ted (Josh Radnor) made an impact on 20 somethings everywhere during the show’s run.

But before we finally learned WHO the mother was, we had to experience Ted’s colorful dating life. Here are all the women who graced Ted’s life (along with the lives of all his friends) ranked from the worst to the best.

20- Worst Of The Worst – Karen

19– Crazy Is As Crazy Does – Jeanette

18– Can’t Even Remember Her Name – Blah Blah

17– Look Past The Mean – Vicky

16– The User – Tiffany

15– Who Is She Again? – Amanda

14– The Sock Monkey Obsession – Natalie

13– Pumpkin Lady – Naomi

12– Barney’s Little Sister – Carly

11– The Wild Child  – Amy

10– The One Who Got Away – Maggie Wilks

9– Barney’s Competition – Stacey Gusar

8– What About The Pineapple? – Trudy

7– College Girl – Cindy

6– His Dream Girl – Janet McIntyre

5– Runaway Bride – Stella Zinman

4– An Arch Nemesis – Zoey Pierson

3The One – Robin Scherbatsky

2– Cupcake Sweet – Victoria

1– The Mother – Tracy McConnell

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