15 BTS Facts About Neil Patrick Harris’ Time On How I Met Your Mother

American actor, comedian, filmmaker, and singer Neil Patrick Harris has made a big name for himself through starring on the long-running show “How I Met Your Mother”.

His Husband David Burtka Made A Cameo On The Show

His Character Was Named After A Fictional Heroin Peddler

He Played Laser Tag During His Audition

His And Cobie Smulders’s Characters Are The Only Ones Not Based On Real People

He Almost Didn’t Get The Part Of Barney Stinson

His Character Was Initially Described As A ‘Jack Black, John Belushi Type’

Barney And Robin’s Relationship Was Inspired By His Real-Life Chemistry With Cobie Smulders

He Drank So Much Red Bull On Set That The Company Gave Him A Lifetime Supply

His Character Invented The Idea Of ‘The Bro Code’

He Kept The Gang’s Booth And Playbook As Souvenirs From The Show

There Are Only 18 Scenes On The Show Where He Does Not Wear A Suit

His Favourite Scene To Shoot Was The Musical Number In ‘Girls Vs. Suits’

Like His Character, He Is A Trained Magician In Real-Life

Like His Character, He Is A Trained Magician In Real-Life

Barney’s Joke About Child Actors Is A Self-Reference To His Time As A Child Actor

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