‘How I Met Your Mother’: Here’s How Josh Radnor Amassed His $30 Million Net Worth

How I Met Your Mother had an amazing nine-season run and amassed a lot of money for those involved, including series lead Josh Radnor, who has an astounding net worth of over $30 million. Without a doubt, How I Met Your Mother is Radnor’s biggest role to date, and really the only long-term television series he has done in his career. He has had guest spots on Law & Order, ER, Six Feet Under, Judging Amy, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Now he’s in the show Hunters, where he plays Lonny Flash, but that is just 10 episodes in, so it will be a long time before it catches How I Met Your Mother’s 208 episodes. And a lot longer before Radnor is making the same amount of money he was making on the hit show. So how has he amassed this massive net worth of $30 million? Here’s a look at his earnings.

How I Met Your Mother Episode Salary

Moving On To Other Projects

Getting Into The Real Estate Market

Working On Hunters

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