How I Met Your Mother: Barney’s 5 worst Nicknames

Every member of the How I Met Your Mother gang has their fair share of nicknames, including Barney Stinson. Some are great, others, not so much

Jack Package.

 Ellen Pierce, the owner of Love Solutions, doesn’t like the fact that Barney has signed up for the service. She thinks that his intentions are insincere.

On the platform, he states that his nickname is Jack Package, meaning he has a big penis. Ellen lambasts Barney but praises Ted for being sincere. Well, going by the name Jack Package might get you flings but it’s unlikely to help you find love. Luckily, Barney isn’t looking for love. Ellen didn’t like the name and neither does anyone else

Kristoff Doppelgänger

Kristoff Doppelgänger is a street performer from Estonia who the gang believes resembles Barney. The street performer claims he doesn’t know Barney and isn’t related to him. It later turns out that Kristoff is actually Barney. He uses this disguise to persuade Lily and Marshall to have a baby. His disguise is discovered when a real female street performer from Estonia sees him.

Barney definitely had it coming. He could never live up to this moniker forever. Barney was even surprised when the real performer swallowed a sword, something he could never do.

Barn Door

In a rather embarrassing pickup line for a seasoned seducer like Barney, he tells her: “Hey Robin, it’s Barn Door. Guess what, I’m open!” Barney can clearly do better than that. He has in fact done better than that in the past. In as much as Barn Door sounds a lot like Barney, there is nothing really interesting about it.

Arnie Linson

Arnie is Barney’s nickname whenever he’s pretending to be a lawyer. He has used it to defend women who were scammed by a breast reduction doctor. The scammer was none other than him.

The name sounds a lot like his real name, so there isn’t much creativity behind it. Whoever knows his real name might easily link it to Arnie Linson. Barney even has a lawyer website:


Professor Lewis, Marshall’s law school tutor at Columbia University, is quite strict. Barneys italian name of luigi doesnt impress her a bit when he tries to seduce her. However, she warms up to him when he decides to use his real name.

The fact that the nickname didn’t impress Professor Lewis says a lot about it. It could have worked better if Barney had a strong Italian accent, which he doesn’t. He can be glad that his real name saved his seduction attempt.



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