10 Hidden Details About Barney Everyone Missed

CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother has a couple of likable main characters but Barney Stinson is often credited with the success of the show. Aside from the great character development, the star power of actor Neil Patrick Harris definitely helps. The role earned him several Emmy nominations and a few wins.

Year Of Birth

The Wedding Music

Anyway, during the wedding, the song Sandcastles in the Sand plays when Robin walks down the aisle to make her vows to Barney. It’s easy to miss the fact that this is the same song that played when Robin and Barney hooked up for the first time in the sitcom.

His Twitter Account

The handle which is revealed as @broslife is still active at the moment. It’s maintained by the CBS network and not Neil Harris.

Barney’s Pretend Family

The Only Character To Not Move Out Of His Apartment

His Favorite Rock Band

 Barney’s favorite band is Van Halen. In Season 8’s “The Final Page – Part Two,” Barney dresses as the band’s lead singer David Lee Roth for Halloween, experimenting on several costumes he whore through Van Halen’s musical history.

He Fist-Bumped The Queen

The Slaps

His Favorite Numbers

Obsessions With Suits And Ties

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