Barney’s Shadiest Burns, Ranked

Barney Stinson is easily the sassiest member of the squad in How I Met Your Mother. Here are some great insults he delivers throughout the show.

Ted, especially, becomes his pet project since he was the single one and Barney performs a lot of social experiments on him. Barney also took some rather legendary digs at his Ted and the rest of his friends and most of his burns are also very reusable, crafty, and of course, timeless. Here’s a ranking of some of the best burns ever made by Barney.

Ted Would Be Found Alone In His Apartment Devoured By His Cats

I’m A Ted. I’m Wearing Elastic Waist Fleece Pants

What’s The Opposite Of Name-Dropping

Lily, Control Your Woman

I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Hear You Over The Sound Of Butterfly Landing On A Leaf Three Blocks Away

And Your Mom Was Perfect

It’s Your Last Night On Earth. You Really Want To Spend It With Marshall And Lily?

Was It Nice To Get Out Of That Bed And Take Charlie To The Chocolate Factory?

What You’re Doing Right Now… I’m Getting A De-Rection

I’m Sorry, I Don’t Speak I-Never-Get-Laid.”

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