Robin’s 10 Most Sentimental Quotes, Ranked

Robin isn’t exactly the romantic of the How I Met Your Mother Gang (that’s Ted), but lines like these prove she has a softer side.

Least Sentimental: “I May Not Love You The Way You Love Me, But I Do Love You.”

“It’s Pretty Badass You’re Nice, Ted.”

“You Got Chemistry, You Only Need One Other Thing: Timing. But Timing Is A B*Tch!”

“It’s One Thing Not To Want Something. It’s Another To Be Told You Can’t Have It.”

“I’m Such A Mess. Why Do You Even Like Me?”

“The Future Is Scary, But You Can’t Just Run Back To The Past Because It’s Familiar.”

“You Keep Giving Up On People So Quickly You’re Gonna Miss Out On Something Great”

“You Can’t Just Jump To The End. The Journey Is The Best Part.”

“If I Ask You To Change Too Many Things About Yourself, You’re Not Going To Be The Man I Fell In Love With”

Most Sentimental: “I Hate Most Babies, But Your Baby… I’m Going To Love That Kid So Much I’m Going To Pick It Up And Everything.”

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