How I Met Your Mother: The Main Characters, Ranked By Wealth

It’s no secret that the main characters of How I Met Your Mother are very wealthy. But which character would fans say was the richest of them all?

Lily Aldrin

Lily’s financial standing is improved massively by being with Marshall. However, as an individual, she is the least wealthy member of the group throughout the nine seasons in terms of money.

For one, Lily herself has amassed incredible amounts of credit card debt over the years, hurting both her and Marshall financially. The main factor of her falling bottom, though, is the fact that she has the lowest paying job of the gang consistently. While Robin, Marshall, and Ted have all struggled at certain points of the story, Lily’s career as a Kindergarten teacher pays less than everyone else’s job.

Robin Scherbatsky

If this list relied on familial wealth, Robin would most likely top it given her Dad’s rich lifestyle. However, just focusing solely on Robin, specifically in season nine, she is a close third to the gang’s other male members.

Starting as a lowly journalist on a local news station, it was a while before Robin got her big break . However, when the opportunity arose, she grabbed it with two hands and became an international news anchor for World Wide News. This would most likely have earned Robin around one lac dollar  a year (on average) just for that job. Her level of fame may have even pushed her over 100k dollar mark with the fictional WWN likely competing with the huge stations in America. Although her brief career as Robin Sparkles brought her fame, it is unlikely that her royalties were high and didn’t add a significant amount to her individual wealth.

Marshall Eriksen

Marshall’s wealth fluctuates massively throughout the show, especially when fans consider the immense debt he takes on from law school a nd lily Shortly after graduating from law school, Marshall ended up changing jobs quite frequently. He took a high-paying corporate job at GNB to a relatively low-paying environmental job a few times, before he eventually became New York’s Supreme Court Judge.

Ted Mosby

Unlike Marshall, Robin, and Lily, Ted pretty much has his career path nailed down when fans are introduced to him, always maintaining the dream of going on to have a building on the New York skyline. Obviously, Ted eventually becomes a professor, but he still holds the architecture itch, never abandoning that calling.

Barney Stinson

Then there is Barney. The shows most iconic and popular character is also the richest character for much of the show, having far more expensive taste and possessions due to his “shady” job.

Barney’s made-up job is very hard to pin down in terms of yearly salary, but one dedicated redditor  did just that basing findings on Barney’s collection of suits, coming to the calculated conclusion that Barney earned nearly $1.2 million a year.

Of course, it turns out Barney was working with the F.B.I to take down a member of GNB, most likely leaving the company in the process and getting a large reward for his troubles. Although, despite probably losing the job that made him so rich, Barney had other income streams, tied in his savings and possessions.

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