How I Met Your Mother: What Happened To Jennifer Morrison’s Zoey

Jennifer Morrison’s How I Met Your Mother character Zoey disappeared after her season 6 break-up with Ted Mosby, but what happened to her?

What happened to Jennifer Morrison’s HIMYM  character Zoey after her relationship with Ted ended? Zoey Pierson was one of Ted mosbys many girlfriends  before he eventually settled down with the titular mystery mother and – according to many members of the How I Met Your Mother fandom – she was one of the worst too. Nevertheless, Zoey was an integral part of the show during its sixth season.

Ted and Zoey first met each other in HIMYMs season 6 episode “Architect Of Destruction” when activist Zoe was protesting the demolition of the historic Arcadian hotel. When Zoey discovered that Ted was the architect behind the new Goliath National Bank building set to replace The Arcadian, the pair got off to a rocky start with Zoey attempting to sabotage Ted on more than one occasion.

Despite butting heads, Zoey and Ted were clearly attracted to each other and soon developed a love-hate relationship that in turn morphed into a will they, won’t they friendship. There was one problem standing in the way of a potential relationship, however – the fact Zoey was married to George Van Smoot, AKA The Captain (Kyle MacLachlan). After trying to deny their true feelings for each other, Zoey and Ted finally got together midway through HIMYMs sixth season when it was revealed Zoey was divorcing The Captain.

The love-hate theme continued throughout their romantic relationship, however, with the pair bickering pretty much constantly. Eventually, towards the end of season 6, they broke up after Ted refused to sacrifice his career over Zoey’s plans to save The Arcadian. Although the season 6 finale “Challenge Accepted” nearly saw Zoey and Ted reconcile, Barney  and Robin managed to talk him out of it and that was the last we saw of Zoey for a while.

In the ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother, fans got a glimpse of what became of Zoey after she and Ted parted ways. In the episode “Gary Blauman,” Future Ted revealed to his long-suffering kids that there were a number of people he met throughout his life that he kept track of like cab driver Ranjit, MacLaren’s bartender Carl and his ex-girlfriend Zoey. According to Ted, Zoey kept up with her activism – or “fighting the good fight” as he put it – and popped up on the news every now and then protesting for various causes.

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