Neil Patrick Harris Once Shared the Funny Origin Story of the Phrase ‘Suit Up’

“Suit up” is another catchphrase Barney uses often. Barney wears a suit almost all the time (even when he is sleeping), and this phrase symbolizes his belief in dressing smart for every occasion.

In an interview with The Back Label, Harris revealed that Bob Saget, who played the narrator on HIMYM, actually coined the phrase. However, Saget first said the phrase in 1991—almost 15 years before HIMYM aired.

“I turned 18 that summer, and I got an invitation to a party at Bob Saget’s house,” Harris explained. “And I walk in…and there in the middle of this giant great room, under a crystal chandelier, surrounded by a hoard of topless girls, just absolutely stunning women, tons of them, is Bob Saget wearing nothing but a pair of women’s thongs on his head and the biggest…smile…I’ve ever seen.”

He continued, “So I’m standing there and I’m sure my jaw was on the floor, and Saget turns toward me, and I’ll never forget this, he says, ‘Harris, don’t just stand there. Suit up!’ And he points to this blonde bombshell and she immediately yanks off her underwear and hurls it at my face.”

Harris shared that, many years later, he uttered the phrase “Suit up” at a HIMYM rehearsal. One of the creators, Craig Thomas, liked it, so Barney ended up adding it to his vocabulary.

Neil Patrick Harris confirmed that Barney is not as much of a womanizer as people think

Neil Patrick Harris dancing with Katy Perry

Barney is best known for picking up women and getting into bed with them. He even has a playbook dedicated to the different ways he could charm women.

However, some fans have put forth a theory that Barney might not be as much as womanizer as people think. The theory states that, because HIMYM is shown through Ted’s point of view, it’s possible Ted might have exaggerated Barney’s personality.

Harris agrees with this. He told Digital Spy, “I think that that’s very accurate. Given the story structure, and with [Ted] telling the story to his kids, everything was able to be overdrawn.”

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