How I Met Your Father: 10 HIMYM Storylines That Should Be Featured In The Spin-Off

A spin-off to How I Met Your Mother called How I Met Your Father is in the works. Here are some storylines they should bring back.

Hanging Out At MacLaren’s Pub

While the group doesn’t all need to live in the exact same locations as the original characters, it would be a lot of fun to see MacLarens pub as main hangout spot for Sophie and her friends. Obviously, the location could be totally changed in order to update it and make it feel fresh, but seeing them all sat in a booth would be perfect.

It would bring an obvious connection to the original show and that is something that fans would love. Shows like this always have one area where the main group likes to spend their time, and this spin-off could easily make that be in MacLaren’s.

The Cockamouse

It’s going to be hard for this series to take too many direct storylines from the original show, simply because it’s set at a different time, with completely different characters. However, something like “The Cockamouse” could easily be integrated into this show.

Having someone in the group claiming they’ve heard of the legend that is “The Cockamouse” would be an easy way to bring that storyline back across into this show for an episode, which would be a fun throwback for fans.

Ranjit Drives An Uber

Bringing him back into the show would be a lot of fun, and a way to do that by playing on the modern world would be to have him become an Uber driver. It would be a simple way of linking back to the original, bringing a classic character back and keeping it updated.

Sophie Is A Woo Girl

It could be great to start the series with Sophie as one of those people, seeing how she changes and matures as the series goes on, eventually disliking it as Robin did. It’s only a small storyline in the show, but it’s a simple one that could tie in.

The Slap Bet

It’s something that could be cool to bring in with the new characters as well, as a great way to pay homage to the original show, keeping one of the best comedic bits into the show.

The Mystery Clues

Something that the original show did a great job of was providing clues and hints about who the mother could be all the way through the show. Whether it be the umbrella that would pop up frequently or Ted’s desire for someone musical, there are lots of winks about what the mother will be like.

That’s a storyline that the spin-off should absolutely pick up because the mystery element of the show was the big hook. That’s going to be the case with this new series, but having a few details like this keeps fans entertained.

Throwback Episodes

Some of the funniest moments from How I Met Your Mother took place in throwback episodes featuring Ted, Marshall, and Lily when they were younger. It was always funny to see how different they were, but it also built up their history as friends.

To do this, some of the new characters would also have to be lifelong friends, but that’s a fun plot to be able to play on as the show goes on, which is why it should happen in the spin-off

The Bro Code

The rules could be updated to reflect how life has moved on with social media being involved, which could help to ensure things are different enough that the show still feels fresh. But this was a fun part of the series, and it would be great to have it back again.

Cameo Appearances

Whenever a show like this is announced, fans instantly go into overdrive speculating all the different ways that it could happen, and that’s something that should take place at some stage

Robin Sparkles

While the spin-off couldn’t have a character literally be Robin Sparkles, it is a storyline that could be used again. With Hilary Duff in the lead role, it could be hilarious to see the show play on her past as Lizzie McGuire, although that is unlikely.

Instead, it could be great to have one of the cast be inspired by robin sparkles and have tried to launch a similar career. It could lead to a hilarious meeting between that character and Robin at some point too, which would bring it all full circle.

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