YOU season 3 has finished filming and the creator promises it’s “F***ing Bonkers”

Netflix users have been eagerly awaiting the next season of You ever since series two dropped at the end of 2019.

And now the show’s creator has promised that season three will be worth the wait as filming has finally wrapped.

Sera Gamble took to Twitter on Friday to let fans know that that it was the final day of shooting.

Sera began: “Today is our last day of shooting season 3 of #YouNetflix. Can I brag to you for a hot second?”

As she detailed the fact that there were “zero on-set positive COVID tests,” Sera went on to tease viewers about what they can expect from the upcoming season.

“I feel privileged to have gotten to witness everyone’s creativity, resilience and kindness. I mean, I knew our team was tough and good at their jobs, but holy s**t did everyone show up for each other.

“All the way up the Warner’s/ Netflix ladder and in every production department.

“Also, the episodes are f**king bonkers and the performances are insanely good. That’s all I’ll say about that till we are ready to talk about the new season,” she added.

Sera revealed that work on season three originally started back in February 2020 but as the world began to shut down due to coronavirus, she admitted that she “had no idea how shooting this season would be possible”.

“So when you hear about a show like ours making it to the finish line, now you know a bit about what getting there means this year,” she tweeted.

“And thanks for all the lovely responses! I am forwarding all good vibes to the cast and crew. Hope you love the season when it gets here.”

However, Joe had not moved on from his creepy behavior as the final scene saw Joe peeking through his garden fence and watching his neighbor read a book.

However, Joe has met his match in girlfriend Love as she confessed to having killed his neighbour Deliah at the end of season two.

You season three is expected to drop on Netflix some time this year.

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