HIMYM Meets Friends: 5 Friendships That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn’t)

What would happen if the worlds of How I Met Your Mother and Friends collided? Would Barney and Phoebe get along? What about Monica and Lily?

Would Work: Joey & Barney

It’s quite easy to see how this friendship would work out, as both men love to flirt. Barney would likely be able to convince joey to throw on a suit. and head out to charm as many people as possible with the Bro Code by their side.

However, while people often just think of these two characters as ones that only care about meeting women, they’re both sensitive and caring individuals as well. Each of them would do anything for their friends and so put them together and they’d prove to be a fantastic duo.

Wouldn’t Work: Janice & Robin

Janice is someone that the entire Friends group finds a little annoying, at points, however, they do stay in contact with her and they’re always polite when she’s around. Janice might be loud but she is kind and tries her best to make other people happy.

However, when it comes to Robin, they would likely not get along. Unlike the main characters in Friends, Robin isn’t someone known for holding back her opinion, and she would likely make her thoughts perfectly clear about Janice, which could lead to tension between them.

Would Work: Jack & Marvin

The same can be said for Marvin, who has an amazing relationship with Marshall to the point where they’re just great friends. Both men are wise and like to dish out advice, and together they’d likely have a lot of fun.

Wouldn’t Work: Chandler & Hammond

Hammond Druthers is hilariously played by bryan on the show, and he is somebody who often behaved poorly towards others. He isn’t kind or particularly fair with his employees, and that’s something that Chandler wouldn’t appreciate.

Chandler’s sarcasm and wit is also something that would probably go over Hammond’s head, and if anything, could only serve to annoy him even more, which would create further tensions in their possible friendship.

Would Work: Rachel & James

James takes a massive interest in others, and that’s something that Rachel would likely appreciate. She also has a lot of energy, and this could lead to some funny interactions between them, as they’d likely be great friends on an evening.

Wouldn’t Work: Mike & Sandy

Sandy is a character that often frustrated others, especially due to his treatment of Robin and other female co-workers. He isn’t kind to people and he often makes rude comments that others don’t appreciate, and that is why he wouldn’t get along with Mike at all.

Would Work: Ross & Ted

Ross and Ted are two very similar characters, both in their positive traits and their flaws. Neither man likes to admit they’re wrong and they both can verge on arrogance at times. They are intelligent and the conversations that they’d have together would likely be entertaining to them.

However, while they can both frustrate others, their huge acts of kindness and their sweet nature do ground them, which is why they’d work so well together. They’d bounce off one another and that’s something that could be fun to see.

Wouldn’t Work: Monica & Lily

While Ted and Ross being similar would probably work out well for them, the same cannot be said for Monica and Lily. Both of these women like to be in charge of situations, using their organizational mindsets to bring everybody together.

Would Work: Phoebe & Marshall

Both Phoebe and Marshall are quite carefree and like to just have as much fun as possible. Even while Marshall knows he has to focus and work hard to achieve his career goals, he knows how to enjoy himself at the same time, and he doesn’t take things too seriously, which Phoebe would appreciate.

Plus, Marshall’s dream job of being an environmental lawyer is something Phoebe would love and support passionately. She’s all about the safety of animals and this is something they’d likely bond over.

Wouldn’t Work: Phoebe & Barney

Barney’s Bro Code angers Lily and Robin, at times, but never to the point where they all fall out. However, when it comes to Phoebe, it’s less likely that she would accept Barney’s behavior and the way he treats women.

When Phoebe believes in something, she normally stands very firm in her opinion, which would cause issues with them as potential friends. While she’d appreciate his kindness, she would be unlikely to overlook some of his major flaws.

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