How I Met Your Mother: Things That Make No Sense About Ted And Robin’s Relationship

The show may have wanted them together, but some things just do not add up about these two in How I Met Your Mother.

He Asks For Approval To Date Her

Not only does Ted Mosby tell the longest stories of all time, but he certainly has a strange relationship with his children. While there are certainly many twists and turns throughout Ted’s story, the craziest one came in the from the realization that their mother had passed away. Even though Ted was using this story as a therapeutic method to deal with the tragedy, there was a hidden agenda as well.

It turns out that this story was actually used as a method to gain his kid’s permission to date “Aunt Robin”. Ted’s daughter realized this as he “ended” the story, and encouraged him to go after her one last time. Ted had revealed some crazy details to his kids through this story, but using it to gauge their reaction to him dating again was certainly a strange outcome.

Robin Is Not Interested In Settling Down

Following Ted and Robin’s relationship can be a very tiring task. Especially considering that fact that they have very different outlooks on relationships in general. Ted is searching tirelessly to find someone to spend the rest of his life with, while this is the last thing that Robin wants to do. Robin has some serious life goals (including traveling to Argentina, apparently), and does not want to be tied down to someone so early in life.

Ted’s journey to find “the one” spans the entire series. Meanwhile, Robin’s story of avoiding commitment and running from relationships is one of her calling cards. How can two people end up together when they have such different goals? Ted is the type of person who already has his wedding planned out, while it is not even on Robin’s radar. Instead of spending years chasing each other, they should have had an honest conversation to sort this out much earlier.

He Makes Her Get Rid Of Her Dogs

No one is going to accuse Ted Mosby of being a very level-headed person. In fact, he is one of the most emotionally-unstable characters in television history. However, his tactics of dealing with insecurities in his relationships are especially cringe-worthy.

In the season two episode “Stuff”, it is revealed that Robin’s five dogs are gifts from her ex-boyfriends. Ted is not able to handle this, and manipulates Robin into getting rid of her animals. While Robin was also insecure about gifts from Ted’s ex-girlfriends and asked him to get rid of them, it was a much different story. Ted’s items were household items, while Robin’s are living creatures. For Ted to ask her to get rid of animals that she is very attached to is just awful to ask.

The Ted Victoria And Robin Love Triangle

Ted Mosby has had multiple chances to happy with other women, but he has always messed it up. The most famous example of someone he could have had a great life together with is Victoria. After dating her, he was finally happy and could see spending the rest of his life with her. While her moving to Germany threw a monkey wrench in his plans, he made a much bigger mistake. At the first sign of trouble in his long-distance relationship, he immediately went to Robin’s apartment to be with her.

Not only was he unfaithful to Victoria, but he lied to Robin and said that they had broken up. Ted had instantly damaged two relationships with one move. Perhaps Ted should have looked before he jumped, otherwise things would never have gotten better.

Giving Robin Up

Ted is no stranger to grand gestures. Whether he is trying to make it rain or creating a “Symphony of Illumination”, he is always willing to do what it takes to express his feelings. However, sometimes when he does so it pushes the boundaries. Once he has resolved the fact that Robin and Barney are getting married, he makes a big deal that he is “letting Robin go”. This means that he is publicly letting his feelings for her go so that she can move on with her life.

Ted needs to realize that by this point Robin has already let him go, he just hadn’t realized it yet. Robin is already dedicated to her relationship with Barney, and was not thinking about Ted. A grand gesture was not needed and it was just a waste of time on his part.


When Ted and Robin were dating, they discussed the possibility of moving in together. They did not go through with it because, according to Robin they were “all talk“. Despite being in a very serious relationship for over a year, they never wind up living together as a couple.

It is only afterward when Robin does not have a place of her own that Ted invites her to move in. Robin takes over Marshall and Lily’s old room, and lives with her ex-boyfriend for several months. Given their history together, living together did not make much sense. It was very nice for Ted to offer Robin a place to live, but that does not make it any less awkward.


Not only is the fact that they live together strange, but they also hang out together every day. With so much history together, is it not strange that exes are so incredibly close? While it does not appear out of the ordinary to any of the core group members, onlookers see this dynamic as very odd. There are several other characters – not limited to Victoria, Kevin, and Nora who feel this way. In fact, there are several other new significant others of both Ted and Robin who mention the situation.

Considering Robin’s history with both Ted and Barney, it makes little sense that they spend little time apart. Perhaps one of those relationships would have worked out later if they did not spend every waking moment together.

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