HIMYM: The Best Moments In Lily & Robin’s Friendship

From helping with relationships to hyping each other up, these moments prove that How I Met Your Mother’s Lily and Robin are BFF goals.

Where’s The Poop?

Lily knew Robin was not someone who does the mutual breakup thing. So when Robin shows up for drinks one day and lies about having ended things amicably, Lily sees right through the lie which also gave way to one of the most hysterical quotes in the show, “Where the poop, Robin?”
The Make-Out

It’s just something Lily wants to explore, and on Robin’s wedding day when Barney gets too drunk and passes out Robin thinks of one way to revive him. Barney has obviously always rooted for the girls to ‘get it on,’ and to bring Barney back to senses Robin asks Lily to make out with her, which she is more than happy to do.

When Lily Found Out About Robin And Barney

Lily has always rooted for the relationship and had even convinced each of them when they were in two minds about their own relationship. One of the best moments on the show occurred when the gang discovered Barney and Robin making out alone, and Lily totally cheers them on.
When Lily Tried To Hype Robin Up In Front Of Her Ex

Though Robin seemed completely smitten with her ex and did not even see his flaws, Lily constantly tried bringing Robin back to reality by bringing up her many accomplishments and reminding her that she has a great life.

When Lily Played Robin’s Surrogate Mum

When Robin is unreasonably attracted to Simon who’s just trying to use Robin to further his musical career, Lily puts her foot down and forbids Robin to see him again. A hilarious argument ensues where Lily and Marshall try ‘parenting’ Robin and Robin behaves like a rebellious teenager who’s mad at her parents for messing with her life. Marshall even says, “we were once young and in love too.”

When They Promised Not To Let Babies Come Between Them

Lily is worried that Robin will dump her after she welcomes a baby into her life but Robin assures her that it was Jessica who stopped hanging out with Robin and not the other way round. Robin tells Lily that she was nervous that like Jessica, Lily may no have time for her when she has a kid, but Lily tells her that will never happen.

When Lily Knew Robin Was Hurting

It takes a really astute friend to know when something is not right with us, and for Robin, Lily was that BFF. When she was hurting after her breakup with Barney and the latter would casually flirt with other women not asking Robin into consideration Lily decided to do something about it.

When Lily Confronts Robin About Her Flirty Moments With Barney

Lily was in many ways a moral yardstick for the group because she tried to keep a balance between the inter-personal relationships. So when she spots Robin flirting with Barney she obviously asks Robin about it because they would put the easy dynamic of the group in jeopardy.

When Lily Helped Robin Understand Relationships

When Robin tells Lily that she hates hearing about Ted’s work because she finds it boring Lily tells her that sharing and communication is an important part of any relationship. Fans have pointed out that Lily and Robin’s friendship was quite new, but Lily was still willing to be upfront about Robin to explain where she was going wrong.

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