How I Met Your Father: 10 Mistakes From HIMYM The Spin-off Should Avoid

How I Met Your Mother was popular, but definitely not perfect… these are the lessons that the upcoming spin-off should learn.

Not Giving The ‘Mother’ Enough Screen Time

The new show should make an effort to actually include the ‘father’ in some more meaningful way – either by allowing space for more of their relationship on screen, or even showing both character’s journeys as they travel toward the moment they meet.

A Character Like Barney

Ted is an unreliable narrator and Barney is his rival, but even with that caveat, his behavior just isn’t ok. The new series has to make sure that its characters are more realistic, and less problematic.

An Unlikable Main Character

One of the biggest issues with the show is that Ted is actually fairly difficult to like, as a character. He is pretentious, whiny, self-absorbed, and obsessed with finding ‘the one’. Fans were definitely watching for his friends, not him – and hopefully, Hilary Duff’s new main character will be significantly more likable.

Perspective On Telling The Story To Future Kids

t’s a great format for a show, but perhaps the new series should age the ‘kids’ up a little, have future-Hilary telling the story to her 20-something children as they are setting out on their own independent lives, rather than chatting to young teens about that time Dad competed with Uncle Barney over a threesome ‘belt’.

Unrealistic Finances

For example, when Marshall and Lily are looking to buy property, in Manhattan, in their 20s, they struggle with a high-interest rate thanks to Lily’s credit card debt. But the concept of a kindergarten teacher and a man only a few years out of law school buying a beautiful big apartment in New York in their 20s is far from realistic.

Plot Holes And Planning

At this point, it’s clear that audiences are going to notice every single plot hole in a series – and yet, How I Met Your Mother had a surprising number of them. Dates that don’t line up, facts that contradict earlier stories, and other issues become immediately obvious to devoted fans.

Physical Violence Played For Laughs

Robin’s therapist boyfriend even mentions how dysfunctional the group is, and brings up violence – leading to a clip-show of all the various times that the gang literally assault each other (or other people). Some manage to be funny, sure. But hopefully, the new series can create the humor without resorting to more slap-bets.

Lack Of Diversity

The majority of their relationships, friends, and colleagues are equally lacking in any kind of minority representation (although there are some exceptions, like Patricia and Barney’s brother James). Hopefully, the new series can do better.

Boredom With Will-They, Won’t-They

At the center of How I Met Your Mother is the ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship between Ted and Robin – but audiences are no longer thrilled by love triangles and couples that make up and break up every season or two.

Dragging Things Out

By the end of How I Met Your Mother, many fans felt that the series had started to really drag things out. The new series can definitely learn from this, and make sure that things keep moving along – and that one wedding (that doesn’t even last!) doesn’t take over an entire season of the show.

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