HIMYM: 10 Best Ongoing Jokes

From Robin Sparkles to the Slap Bet, How I Met Your Mother was a master at delivering some of the best ongoing gags on television.

Legen . . . Wait For It . . . Dary!

When Lily and Marshall have their first son, Barney gets to pick his middle name. He picks the name “waitforit” so their son’s name is Marvin waitforit Erikson.


Whenever someone in the gang is doing something they shouldn’t be, the four others pull out the Intervention banner and stage an intervention. It shows how the gang is so close that they can actually let their friends check them and call them out.

Robin Sparkles

Robin being Canadian is one ongoing bit, but her being a teen pop-star is a whole other hilarious thing. She has a hit song called “Let’s Go To The Mall,” that the gang discovers and incorporate into their life. They also find some of her other songs and learn about her dark past that ended her career as Robin Sparkles.

Mock Salutes

This joke is one of the most constant throughout the show and is used to be funny as well as an emotional tie between Ted and Robin.

Telepathic Conversations

Sometimes members of the group are excluded from the conversation, like when Ted dyes his hair blonde, and his friends conspire to get him to keep his hair dyed through a telepathic conversation. One of the most memorable misunderstandings is when Robin tries to tell Lily not to open a gift she got her publicly, and Lily thinks Robin is telling her that she needs a tampon.

The Fiero

The Fiero tragically breaks down right before hitting 200,000 miles. Its last act as Marshall’s car is to eject the cassette tape. In the words of Marshall, “Arrivederci, Fiero. You were the freakin’ Giving Tree of cars.”

Eating Sandwiches

Throughout the series, the gang can be found “eating sandwiches” on numerous occasions. As they take bites of big sandwiches, they cough and laugh as if they are hitting a jay. The visual is always a funny one.

Red Cowboy Boots

The boots show up throughout the show but are ultimately burnt when a girl Ted dates burns a bunch of his stuff after they breakup. It’s the moment Ted realizes he is ready to settle down, and the boots become a symbol for his life before that moment.


By the end of the series, each is revealed. There is Moustache Marshall, Lesbian Robin, Stripper Lily, Mexican Wrestler Ted, and Dr. John Stagel Barney.

Slap Bet

The most famous slap bet happens when Barney and Marshall bet on whether or not Robin was in porn back in Canada. Marshall wins when it is revealed that she is not. Barney chooses 5 slaps that can be delivered until eternity, rather than 10 slaps right then. Throughout the show, the 5 slaps are delivered.

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