HIMYM: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

Each How I Met Your Mother character brings something distinct to the table, so what does your favorite say about you?


If Ted is your favorite character, you are a romantic. You believe in love at first sight and are definitely a fan of public proposals. You fall hard and quickly when you meet someone new, and often jump into things, following your heart, not your head.


If Barney is your favorite character, you are definitely the funny one of the group. You love to be the center of attention and everyone always wants you around because you genuinely make things more fun. You practice self-care and are always your full self when socializing. Everyone wants to be your friend because you have magnetic energy.


If Marshall is your favorite character, you are the resident dad of the group. You are silly and great at making dad jokes. You address your emotions head-on and have a great balance of following your heart and your head.


You also definitely have great stories from your past, maybe not as wild as Robin Sparkles, but not many people can say they were a Canadian pop star in their teens. You do not measure your worth on relationships, but hold yourself to a high standard in many different areas of your life.


If Lily is your favorite character, you love your job and enjoy sharing your success with others. You are not a private person, but rather an inclusive person who shares things with their friends and values their opinions. You treasure your friendships and relationships and hold them in the highest regard. They’re a huge source of your joy, as you are theirs.


If Ranjit is your favorite character, you love to help your friends. You love to see them succeed and find fulfillment in your friends’ wins. Although the depiction of Ranjit is outdated, he is lovable, wonderful, funny, and a sense of comfort.

Sandy Rivers

Sandy can be very inappropriate in the workplace, and you do not condone that, but you find it entertaining on TV which means you are a very go with the flow type of person. You also probably have great personal hygiene and have more good hair days than bad ones.

The Captain

If the Captain is your favorite character, you may not own a boat, but you can relate to the captain in what a boat stands for. It stands for power and freedom, two things The Captain holds dearest. You are the type of person who can admit when they are wrong and looks inside themselves to find the goodness in their heart.

Gary Blauman

If Gary Blauman is your favorite character, you love to eat wings and enjoy a good pocket T-Shirt. You are definitely a hard worker, but know how to have fun while getting your work done. You also are the type of guy who laughs at people’s jokes even when they aren’t funny to make them feel included.

Wendy The Waitress

If Wendy is your favorite character, you love to root for the underdog. You are a goodhearted person with a level head on your shoulders. You hold the people you love in the highest regard and have a general air of kindness about you. You don’t stress easily. You are charming and very good at talking to people. If you were put in a group of people you didn’t know, you would be calling them your friends within 10 minutes.

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