HIMYM: 5 Reasons Ted & Robin Could Never Work (& 5 They’re Perfect)

The one thing that most viewers tend to disagree on is the ending of the show and how Ted ends up with Robin. The writers spent much of the series showing exactly why the two could never work together, and yet others argue that may be why they are perfect for each other. As the old saying goes love can conquer all, this article takes a look at both sides of the debate.

Never Work: Difference On Kids

Robin stands very firm in not wanting to have kids and Ted has always wanted to be a father to at least two kids, ideally a boy and a girl.

Perfect: Sense Of Humor

The inside jokes that the pair have are known throughout the fandom and are, frankly, not that funny from an outside perspective.

Never Work: Too Much History

When you have been through the types of ups and downs that the two have been through, sometimes there is just too much baggage for the relationship to function. Fans could argue that just one breakup and Robin hooking up with Barney would be enough for the relationship to no longer work.

Perfect: Supporting Each Other

It seemed that no matter what was going on between the two, they were always there to support one another. Ted was there for Robin when she needed someone to help her find something old and he put up Christmas lights to cheer her up. Robin was there to support Ted during his small business start-up, and they were not together during any of this either.

Never Work: Ted Is A Player

Ted is a player and likes to be single whether viewers notice it at first, or not until later when the writers address it. Robin also dates, but we do not see her hooking up like crazy the same way Ted does. Robin also dates, but we do not see her hooking up like crazy the same way Ted does. How could he work with Robin when all he wants to do is date every woman he sees?

Perfect: Fighting For Happiness

The first episode had Ted stealing THE blue french horn for Robin in the name of love, that type of stuff does not happen unless you believe it is perfect. Robin also shows she is willing to fight for it by metaphorically showing her teeth when Ted begins dating Victoria and she clearly displays a dislike to her.

Never Work: Barney

After Robin first hooked up with Barney, things were never the same, not just with Ted and Robin but with the whole group. This shifted the dynamic as now there was a sort of love triangle that previously did not exist. Robin had true feelings for Barney and it went both ways with them developing a real relationship.

Perfect: Kids Approval

In the very end, we see Ted’s daughter give him approval for dating Aunt Robin because they can tell that he loves her – and it’s okay, Mom has been gone for a long time.

Never Work: Robin’s Jobs

Robin is well respected in her field and has always wanted to do more, travel more, and make her career a huge part of her life. This seems like a roadblock that may not work for Ted and Robin going down the line.

Perfect: Timing

The timing for Ted and Robin to finally make it work and get together could not have been better. Robin did not want to have to raise kids and now she does not have to worry about that as she is already Aunt Robin to Ted’s kids. Robin has traveled a lot and Ted has already met the titular mother of the show who has since passed. Robin and Ted get the happy ending that fans are very divisive on, and yet it is very neat and perfect.

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