20 Worst Things Big Bang Theory Cast Members Ever Did On Set

Over the years, the cast and production crew have also become comfortable with one another… sometimes too comfortable.

20.Wasted A Lot Of Food

In many episodes, the cast of TBBT sits down to share meals, mostly at Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, at the Cheesecake Factory, and at the work cafeteria. However, if you look closely, they never eat the food. They will fondle with the chopsticks or pick a vegetable then put it down as revealed on vulture.com. Penny is the only one who has admitted that she eats the food otherwise; most of it goes to waste.

19.Flash Danced On The Small Sets

One of the ways the cast and production team acknowledge the live audience watching the filming is by dancing for them. According to screenrant.com, the team also introduced another tradition, flash dances. There is nothing particularly wrong with this except for the part where a bunch of nerds has to dance to an upbeat track. Picture that for a moment!

18.Appeared On Set Unshaven

The cast of TBBT has maintained certain looks throughout the entire period the show has been on the air. With the exception of Kaley Cuoco, all of them have a nerdy look. The cast members’ contracts clearly indicate that the cast should maintain their respective look. However, as disclosed on screenrant.com, some of them, especially the men, can show up on set with a full head of hair and beard. The styling team has no option but to get them back to their looks every time.

17.Jim Parsons Spanked Mayim Bialik

Most of us have enjoyed watching Amy and Sheldon’s weird relationship unfold on TV. Mayim’s character always wants physical attention from her boyfriend, who hardly ever wants to get physical. In one episode, she decided to trick her boyfriend into spanking her for bad behavior. The two had to practice this scene before producers got the right shot. The whole experience as posted on YouTube must have been awkward for both of them.

16.Galecki And Cuoco’s Secret Romance

Jonny Galecki a.k.a. Leonard Hofstadter and Kaley Cuoco aka Penny have had an off-screen relationship. They finally had a real wedding ceremony in season nine. Although most people do not know about this, the two cast members actually had a relationship away from the cameras and were very cautious about keeping it on the down-low as narrated on looper.com. The two eventually broke up because dating in secrecy was too much work.

15.Melissa Rauch Rubbed Her Hands Under The Covers

Melissa Rauch who plays Bernadette has shot a number of scenes while under covers. One such scene was when she and Mayim Bialik (Amy) were at a convention away from town and had to share a hotel room. According to nickiswift.com, when Melissa gets cold, she rubs her hands under the covers. When she did so in the hotel room scene, those who were watching from outside thought it looked weird, so one director banned Melissa from keeping her hands under covers.

14.Kevin Sussman’s Fear Of Water

Nickiswift.com indicated that Kevin Sussman who plays Stuart has a phobia for water. In one episode, Stuart was required to pop underwater while in a hot tub. Kevin does not like being in water let alone having his head underwater. It took a lot of convincing from the crew for Kevin to shoot the scene. Eventually, the crew was successful in getting a good clip of Stuart in water.

13.Johnny Galecki’s Pink Robe

For the sake of maintaining their characters, sometimes the cast members had to do the most outlandish things. In one instance Galecki aka Leonard had to wear a pink robe after spending the night at Penny’s apartment. As seen on ew.com, the robe clearly belongs to Kaley’s character. It must have taken a lot of courage for him to walk around set with it.

12.Kaley’s Burping Blooper

Food is necessary for sustenance so actors must eat. Their bodies, on the other hand, react differently to the food. Sadly, the gastrointestinal tract chooses the most inopportune time to do this and can cause an actor to have numerous retakes as told on looper.com. While filming one of the episodes in season 10, Kaley let out her gastrointestinal discomfort, which was embarrassing especially because of the presence of the live audience. She was smart enough to quickly blame it on the chips they were feeding her as props.

11.Kaley Dragged Her Boss By His Tie

TBBT has been on the air for more than 10 years so it is safe to say that the cast has developed personal relationships with one another as well as the crew and CBS staff. This is completely normal but you have to admit Kaley pulling one of CBS director’s tie after his nomination for an Emmy was a bit unprofessional. A photo of the incident is on metro.co.uk accompanied by a congratulatory message from the actress.

10.Kaley Had The Production Team Change Her Scenes In Order To Hide Her Broken Leg

Kaley once broke her leg while the filming of TBBT was ongoing as noted on thegamer.com. Since filming had to continue, the producers had to assign her character a different job in order to hide her cast. Remember the time Penny had to act as a bar attender for the cheesecake factory? They were trying to hide her broken leg with the counter.

9.Mayim Bialik Injured Hand Had To Remain Hidden As Well

The producers of TBBT were also kind enough to accommodate Amy when she broke her hand in a car accident. According to dailymail.co.uk, Amy almost lost one of her fingers in the crash but doctors were able to save it.

8.They Ridiculed Science

TBBT quotes a lot of science jargon. The production has to do a lot of consultation before writing the scripts. However, they hardly do any justice to science. Most of the statements they make are incorrect. As pointed out on goliath.com, the live studio audience plays a great role in making viewers focus on the jokes rather than the misunderstandings.

7.Danced For Their Studio Audience At The End Of Every Episode

At the end of every filming session in the studio, the cast and production team have to acknowledge the studio audience for partaking in the filming of the show. This audience produces the laugh tracks added to the episodes.

6.Performed Dangerous Science Experiments

Screenrant.com says that some of the science experiments and props used in the show are dangerous. Although the science elements of the show have greatly reduced with each season, there are times when the cast is required to shoot a scene with the aforementioned equipment and props.

5.Played With The Props

There is a video on YouTube of Kunal aka Raj and Simon aka Howard giving a tour of the set of TBBT. Leonard and Sheldon’s bathroom is marked as a hot set meaning that the cast and production crew are not supposed to touch anything from the set.

4.Some Thought That They Treated Animals Poorly

A lot of bizarre things have been filmed on the show. As seen on screenrant.com, one of them is a monkey smoking as part of Amy’s on-screen experiment. It is obvious that the smoking act was special effects but a number of fans were not too thrilled by the idea. They argued that forcing the monkey to be on TV was cruelty.

3.Breaking Out Of Character

Producers of TBBT have done a good job of developing unique characters for the show. However, if you are keen enough, you will notice that sometimes the cast members break out of their characters. For example, thethings.com says that Howard’s health issues do not qualify him to be a candidate for an out of space mission but he still gets to be an astronaut.

2.Used Grinders As Shakers

Thethings.com continues to describe other mistakes the cast members make, among them being the use of the props they are given incorrectly. There are many scenes where the cast gather to share meals and one of the props in these scenes is salt and pepper. Those who are keen will notice that they use grinders as saltshakers. The producers were also not too keen about the mistake and they continued to let the slip up get to the air.

1.Advocated For Unhealthy Eating

Thethings.com also agrees that food is an integral part of the show. The cast mostly orders in instead of cooking and most of what they are seen eating is junk food, either a burger or fries or Chinese cuisine. Even though they are not chowing down food but fondling with an empty box of Chinese food, they deliberately continue to advertise unhealthy eating.

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