How I Met Your Father: 5 Reasons We’re Excited For The Series (& 5 Why It Should Never Exist)

While this new show gives fans of the original something to be excited about, there are definitely a lot of apprehensions that come with it. This stems from things like the mixed reception to the original’s ending and the overall question if there’s even a reason for How I Met Your Father to exist.

Excited: For A Modern Take On The Series

The series will most certainly indulge in things like current technology, slang language, and a person’s general lifestyle in their twenties or thirties. This should make things exciting to watch as it’ll come across like an updated version of the original.

Shouldn’t Exist: It’s Not An Original Idea

Since How I Met Your Father’s appeal banks heavily on the goodwill from the original, there’s no escaping this fact. It’s highly unlikely that those who didn’t enjoy How I Met Your Mother will have any interest in the sequel show.

Excited: For Hilary Duff’s Return To The Sitcom World

As one of the leading tween queens of the 2000s, Duff still carries a significant fanbase who will love the prospect of the actress returning to pure comedy. To this end, How I Met Your Father carries a level of intrigue for fans who want to see how Hilary Duff will fare.

Shouldn’t Exist: The Style Doesn’t Suit Streaming Services

How I Met Your Father will arrive on Hulu for just ten episodes, meaning the story will be too compact, something that doesn’t suit a show of its kind since it doesn’t leave room for replay value. The reason why the original thrived on network television was due to its mastery at keeping fans hooked season after season, but a streaming series won’t have viewers entertained for years to come.

Excited: The Presence Of A Mainstream Ensemble Comedy

How I Met Your Father will bring back the ensemble format that worked wonders for the original series, along with others like Friends and Cheers. Being a mainstream show, the reboot is well placed to spark a revival in this format while giving fans of this style a show to follow once again.

Shouldn’t Exist: It Will Always Be Compared With The Original Series

How I Met Your Father will have a target on its back right from the get-go. It’s harder to give a new show a fair chance when there’s beloved original source material to compare it to.

Excited: The Likelihood Of New Catchphrases & Running Gags

It’ll be hard to resist another set of catchphrases like Barney’s “suit up!” and “legendary,” and successful execution of a new line of recurring jokes should prove to be enough to please even the show’s biggest detractors.

Shouldn’t Exist: The Framing Device Technique Is Played Out

How I Met Your Father will follow the same format of the protagonist telling their children about the events of the past, and it won’t come across as charming the way it did with the original since fans know what to expect.

Excited: Chance Of Crossover With The Original Cast

Since many characters like Barney didn’t get an established ending in How I Met Your Mother, the new show is an opportunity to give fans closure on what became of them. In any case, the appeal of watching former characters even for a cameo is definitely high.

Shouldn’t Exist: The Danger Of Repeating The Original Finale

It would be seen as an insult to fans if there’s another swerve in the story that kills off the father to negates the show’s premise. For this reason, it can be argued that it’s better to avoid making the show altogether since the risk of more fan outrage over a botched ending is too great.

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